007 Legends Walkthrough

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Auric’s Base

  • Welcome to the James Bond experience. I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’ve played some kind of shooter before. If not, there are handy tutorials in the game menu to help you get up to speed. Even if you’re not very familiar with the generic Bond/shooter controls, the game is kind enough to review them for you as you invade Goldfinger’s compound.
  • If you’re taking fire and you don’t know where it’s coming from, press up on the D-pad to send out a radar blip to identify nearby enemies. Get familiar with the basics, ducking, jumping, aiming, and so on, as you make your way through the explody level. Look for the very traditional exploding barrels.
  • As soon as you climb a big burning ramp, you’ll be instructed to look out for intel. Immediately inside the next door, look down for a folder. Keep your eye out for these in the future. In the next big room, there’s lots of stuff to blow up, so look for ways to save ammo. After clearing the area, follow the radar point and look for an MI6 suitcase. These allow you to upgrade your weapons and some awesome toys.
  • Once you reach the next radar point, you’ll be instructed how to use your smartphone to hack. This will be bound to come in handy eventually. You’ll use both triggers to sync up a signal, which takes a bit of getting used to, so get the hang of it now. Note the signal on your HUD that indicates there’s a signal nearby.
  • Another wave of bad guys will follow, then tutorials on running and sneaking. They’re certainly covering the bases! In the next room, you can sneak up on the guy directly ahead of you with his back to you, and then take out the second guard. There are two more above you and to your left, according to your watch. To your right, there’s a wifi signal. Up the stairs on the left, where one of the guards is, is a case with a silenced sniper rifle in it. SCORE! If you’ve picked up a couple of guns by now, using the sniper rifle will net you an achievement.
  • Get to an elevated position to clear most of the guards without alerting them. On the bottom level, look for three photograph opportunities. Get close enough and focused enough, and click the camera to take a pic. All three and you move onto the next waypoint. This will tell you to use your bio scanner on the phone. Follow the gas trail. In the next room you can use the EMP burst on your watch to kill two sensors. Head into the next room.
  • In the next section, look for a piece of intel in one of the consoles near the silos, and a bio in front of the double doors before you leave the room. In the next section, after you see Goldfinger, there are three guards to subdue and you must not be seen. There’s also an EMP target up and to your left from where you start. Your control officer will tell you to look for other objectives. That’s your cue to look at the front right wheel of both trucks and plant a tracking device. Then head on. You’ll sneak up on Miss Galore and talk to her.
  • Yay, more tutorial, this time on hand-to-hand combat. It’s not that hard, but blocking requires a bit of finesse. Then you’ll learn to use the EMP to distract guards. Fire it at the distant speaker, not the close one, so you can get the drop on the bad guys. After that, you’ll use the bio sensor on the phone to break through a door. Look for an MI6 case at the same spot.
  • Use the phone to scan the room. There’s a print on the pool table. There’s a mark on the wall past it, and a smudge and a safe on the wall behind the desk. There’s a phone on the desk, for a bio pickup and another one behind the bar. Return to the first Goldfinger smudge for a clever safe mechanic and a showdown.
  • Two quicktime events later, you’ll face off against a platoon of guys, so get your gun ready and look for cover. They’ll come from both sides of you, so don’t let your guard down to the rear. Get to the lower level, and follow the radar point to reach your car.
  • Giant laser? Giant laser.

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