007 Legends Walkthrough

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Fort Knox

  • Felix gives you a good gun and now you’re right into the thick of it. This is the first time I can remember really being at WAR in a Bond game. There are a lot of guys to kill, and RPG gunners on the two towers ahead of you. Fortunately there’s lots of cover, and your gun does distance well. In the second section, there are two more gunners on the towers, but there’s a source you can hack in the one on the right. That opens the barrier, which you inexplicably can’t climb over, to let the soldiers through. Find good cover while you do, because the bad guys will not stop coming while you hack.
  • In the next section, look for RPGs and use them to take out the laser tank ahead of you. The other lasers in the area are from snipers, they won’t hurt you, at least not until you get shot. Once the tank is blown, mop up the last guys, get some ammo, and head inside.
  • By the way, in case you haven’t seen it by now, the two pause menus look similar, but they’re not. Hit the back button to access a checklist menu of XP challenges, like headshots, kills with various guns, etc. Fulfill these for more points for buying more toys and weapon mods.
  • The next big room is filled with lots of guys, including some snipers at the far end. Keep in cover and progress slowly, down one of the sides. After the room is clear, you’ll keep going to the left, looking for the power to the elevators. Follow Felix and the crew through the lower levels, very straightforward path. Look for new guns to pick up to expand your XP. When you reach your destination, you’ll have to protected Felix while he does something or other, and then it’ll be your turn to learn a new hacking mechanic. Make sure all the guys are dead first or you’ll get creamed while figuring it out. It’s kind of like Sudoku, line up the colors so the connections are all active.
  • Oooh, now it’s dark! Follow Felix to the elevator, then fight another round of bad guys in the dark. When you clear them out, Felix will blow a door. Right next to it is an ammo case, open it for a shotgun with a compensator on it. Score!
  • In the next area, go through what looks like a filing room until you reach an open area with a grated wall in front of you. Then turn around. Head straight back down the path directly behind you to a room with a vault door, a bomb to defuse, and an ammo case with a specialized AK in it.
  • The next section is the same, but look for a guy sneaking up on you, and you’ll have a fist fight. When you finish and the night vision comes off, there’s an MI6 box on your right and a bomb to defuse on your left. Head on through, you’ll take an elevator, and then you’ll see Odd Job again. Clear out the room ahead of you, then switch to an automatic weapon and get ready to run.
  • After the blast door gauntlet, break out a long-range gun and clear the area. In the next section you’ll face snipers, and there’s a handy sniper rifle waiting for you if you don’t have one. In the next section there’s a Terralite with a Reflex sight on it, which will help you with your challenges, and Is also just sweet. After that, head for the big bomb. Then you get to go hand to hand with you-know-who before it’s all over.

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