007 Legends Walkthrough

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Secret Service

  • Wow, you really ARE getting the James Bond experience. The bad news is, you have to keep up with Teresa, which means you need to keep the accelerate button pegged, which makes dodging that much harder. Take out four guys and keep with her, and soon you’ll reach a slo-mo portion where you take out two RPG soldiers. After that, you’ll have to defend her against a helicopter shooter, and then dodge a LOT of rough ground to stick with her. After that you’ll have to run from an avalanche! You won’t catch her, you just have to stay close to her.
  • Next you’ll mount an all-out assault on Blofeld’s sexy Alp lair. First you’ll use your sniper rifle to take out a handful of guards (look for the barrels) and then you’ll switch to a minigun. Use it to target and blow up…well, everything really, but especially barrels and the rocket launcher trailers. The gun can overheat, so fire it in bursts, don’t just keep your finger on the trigger.
  • Once you hit the ground, you’ll need to take out a sniper and move up to the next level. Nifty grappling hook guns included! If you can put a reticle on this gun, it’s really quite impressive. Move up to the next section, and head to the left, looking out for heavy machine gunners. You can take out a few guys and take the pressure off yourself by heading downhill to the left first, before you take on the gunner head on.
  • Head inside the building and keep heading left. You’ll reach an open room with a lot of guards, look for one with an RPG and take him out first. Head up the stairs and keep an eye out ahead of you for more guards, but more importantly, look for a chopper to show up on your left. He’s actually on your side, but if you get in the way, you’ll get toasted fast.
  • At the top, when you reach the marker, switch to the bio scanner and look for the prints behind the desk. There’s some intel by the MI6 case behind the secret door. In the next section you’ll switch to night vision and head into an area where Felix opens doors for you. After the third door, you’ll have a hand-to-hand fight. You’ll continue downstairs in the dark, waiting on Felix to keep progressing.
  • Second verse, same as the first, only the girl is tagging along as well. When you break out into daylight, you have the chance to switch to stealth mode and keep things subtle. To do that, look for the first two guys on the way to the stairs, then hang to the right while you slide past and keep under cover. Blow up the security camera above the computers, and look for a wallet on a desk for some intel. You can actually slide by several guys by staying on the right and heading out the door onto the catwalks beyond.
  • In the next area, use your watch to take out the cameras so you don’t set off the alarm. In the center of the room, look for a console with remote mines and grenades on it. Then follow the radar point to reach the next section. Here, keep it VERY stealthy unless you want to deal with angry armored guards!
  • When you reach the next big space, keep to the right wall and get into the shadow. Follow the wall to the shadow of a stack of crates. Head through the center of the room and kill the first guy you see. Then there’s another guy at the top of the stairs, take him out and then destroy the camera. Enter that door. Directly ahead of you, look for a seal on the wall you can pick up. Head to the desk, scan Blofeld’s handprint, and then look for his prints on a drawer for some intel. Then look for a wall panel behind you, hit it, and then there’s something to hack under the desk. On the other side of the wall, there’s a safe opposite where you found the panel. Hack the thingee, then you’ll take a picture.
  • Shoot out the glass you took a picture of to escape the gas, then you’ll chase Blofeld. It can be very challenging to hit the guys when you’re all woozy from the gas. In the next area, there’s only a few guys between you and the cable car Blofeld hops in. Shoot a lock off the gate, hit the big button to shut the lift down. When you reach the cable car, grab an RPG and hit the chopper. Blofeld fist fight? Blofeld fist fight.

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