007 Legends Walkthrough

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The Refinery

  • The Dart Gun is a fun new toy, but put it away for now. Head to the top of the hill, drop the first guy you see, and open the case in front of you. This kickass sniper rifle will help you clear the immediate area. Get up on the wall and look down. Take out the guy beneath you immediately. In the distance ahead of you, there should be a guy patrolling at 12 o’clock and another one to your right somewhere between 1 and 3 o’clock. Take him out first when the other guard isn’t looking at him. His absence will draw the other guard, and you can drop him as well. Then look to your right and take out the two guards in front of the temple entrance. If you time it right, you won’t call any heat on yourself. Then, climb down and look for a guy on the far side of the blocks right in front of you. His back is to you and he’s an easy kill. He’s also one of the four terrorists that are part of your secondary goal. By the way, if you haven’t upgraded your targeting skills yet, it makes the sniping and sneaking in this level VASTLY easier. You can also try to avoid contact altogether
  • Once on the main ground level of the section, head to your right, loop around, and come at the temple entrance by following the wall around the building. If you didn’t take out everyone, stay low and take your time. Head into the entrance, take out the guy you run into there, and head for the temple entrance directly across the temple from you.
  • Hang a left out of the temple entrance to avoid all the snipers and guards. Head directly to the next temple building ahead of you and duck into an alcove and wait out the guard patrolling the stairs. When he’s past you, run behind him to the far side of the next passage, and hug the left wall all the way around to the next waypoint.
  • Life’s a LOT easier inside the temple. Follow the waypoints and break through two hatches to reach the next section. Then we go back to sneaking and shooting. After you take out the first guard automatically, head to the end of the walkway you’re on. Directly ahead of you and directly to your left are cameras. Split the difference, and you can see a camera and a speaker. Take the speaker out first to cover your ass, then destroy the rest of the security. There will be a guy walking next to the big truck beneath you, and another guy across from where you started. Take both of them out with a silenced sniper rifle. Look to where the camera was directly ahead of you and snipe a guy when he’s about halfway between you and the far end of the walkway. That will clear your paths.
  • Drop down the ladder and look for an arms case for a souped up AK. Follow the wall to your right and look for a glitched guard pressed up against a truck, walking nowhere. You don’t have to take him out, just be aware of him. Look for a ladder onto the platform where you shot the last guy and plant the first bomb at the far end of it. Then head back where you started.
  • Climb up the ladder across from where you started. Take out the last camera and plant your second bomb. From here it should be a straight shot down the wall on the right to plant the last bomb and enter the next section through the grate.
  • When you exit the tunnel, look straight ahead for a guy to kill and a camera to destroy. Look for the only other camera on your radar and destroy it as well. To your right is a ladder. Climb down it to the ground floor and move ahead through the shadows, hugging the wall on the left, to plant the first bomb in this section. Then hug the wall and the shadows all the way around to the far side and plant that bomb. Then head back to the middle, up the stairs, and plant that bomb and then head through the door. There are some guys you can take out subtly here if you want to, but generally you don’t HAVE to.
  • Because you’ve been such a slacker already, the next section is stealth critical. Darts are definitely your friends in this area. Take out the two guys you see ahead of you, and distract and kill the guy on the ground floor if you can. Take out the camera above the two guards talking, then shoot them. With the silenced pistol, a headshot on one and a multi-tap to the torso on the other will keep things quiet. After that, head straight for the door and follow the marker to the elevator.
  • Feel free to kill the next guys with as much noise as you want, there’s no alarm. Then look for a hackable panel across from the door you need to enter. Open the safe to your left and then look for a panel with the electromagnetic scan. Hit that to open the globe for your evidence. Then head back to the elevator.
  • There’s a brief slo-mo chance to drop a few fools, and then a batch of guards shows up. A well-applied grenade is useful, and look for guys to get in behind you. Then follow the markers to rescue Pam.
  • Wow. I bet you never thought your video game career would culminate with you throwing down against Benicio Del Toro, huh? It’s hand-to-hand time.
  • Most of the rest of the level is run and gun through the burning plant. Lots of guys, but no real pinch points, and by now you should have a good gun for mowing them down with. Just keep on target and don’t let her fall behind.
  • The easiest way to protect Pam in the final room with the chopper is to get up on the catwalk where the control booth is. There’s a sniper rifle up here and you can protect her well from the elevated position. She will take guys out, but you won’t be able to move on until they’re all cleared. When she reaches the helicopter, head for the control booth and hit the button to escape.
  • Driving level! The controls are straightforward enough, just use them to not run into RPGs and it’s pretty easy. The parked hummers are VERY solid, however, so don’t bump into them or you’ll lose a lot of speed.
  • Things get a lot rougher when you get on top of the truck, as you can’t move, so you have to shoot fast to keep from getting killed. There’s two hummers to either side, shoot the gunner, and they explode. After that, you throw down with the final bad guy.

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