007 Legends Walkthrough

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Die Another Day

  • Walk up to the contact at the bar and talk to her. Use the zoom (right trigger) function on your phone to take a picture of Graves. Then follow Jinx. Scan the code pad for the combination, and head into the room. Look for a case on the bed.
  • Now it’s time for some real bonding! You can take out the first dude with little repercussion, apparently no one cares about him. You can sneak past the next group of guys, but look up when you come out of the little pipe tunnel and find it. Wait for it to be facing away and then blow it with the EMP. Skip the guy and climb the ladder to enter the biodome.
  • You can drop down and crawl around in the creek for cover, but first look for the cameras on the screen and on the radar. It’s actually quite easy to drop guys one or two at a time and not get caught so long as you don’t let the cameras catch up with you. If you’re very patient, you can just as easily sneak all the way to where you need to be, taking out the cameras as you go.
  • In the next section, head around the bend and be prepared to pop a guy immediately. Then crouch and look forward to take out a camera. After that, head up the slope to your right and wait for the guard to come back across the bridge. On the other side of the bridge are two more guys. Drop them, then look to drop down off the right to where a console and another guy are. Drop him, then look through the “gate” to find another camera. Take it out, then head through and hang to the left. There’s only one guy up here, take him out, then follow the path all the way to the building. Look for two more cameras to destroy, and then approach slowly and be prepared to take out a few guys on your way to the door.
  • There are only five or six guys in the lobby space, and it’s easy enough to take them out without getting busted, just move fast. In the big computer room, look for two things to hack to open the next room. Before you enter the unlocked door, look to the left of it for some intel.
  • Head up the stairs through the door, and look for a guard or two. At the top of the stairs, look for a camera. In the next area, there’s about five guards, and they’re very spread out, so easy to take out one at a time. In the office, look at the box you examined earlier.
  • After that, you have a fist fight and a quick time event series to keep from getting lasered to death. Does it seem like this is a theme to anyone else?
  • After that, it’s a run and gun to escape the level. There are snipers, and LOTS of guys, and occasionally the giant frikkin’ laser shoots out of the sky. Other than that, it’s a snap. Well, not really, but there’s nothing more complicated to it than that. Look for the Commando and Masterson guns, they’re both very useful here.
  • Driving section! You’ll learn to use the d-pad to activate vehicle abilities like traction and weapons tracking. Otherwise, the driving is straightforward, avoid attacks, attack when you can. When you get to the final section, time is of the essence and if you hit any crates, you’ll likely fail. It takes some pattern recognition and learning, but the other thing is, if you get hit, lay off the accelerator for a second, and you’ll recover much quicker.
  • Once you’re on the plane, it’s very straightforward. However, your silenced gun will suck at this, as there are lots of armored guys coming up. A: take the silencer off by pressing right on the d-pad. B: grab a better gun as quickly as possible. When you reach your destination, approach the screen and interact with it. Tada!
  • Does this guy remind anyone of the Emperor from Jedi?In keeping with the movies, clearly Bond can’t solve any problems, not really, without his fists, so expect another fist fight. After that, simply follow the onscreen instructions to get away alive.

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