007 Legends Walkthrough

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  • Look to your left for a camera. Then take things slow. There are few enough guys that you can avoid them by hugging the wall to your left, or taking them out one at a time. There’s a camera to take out above the door you’re heading to.
  • In the next room there are three guys. Follow the right wall to stay out of sight, and take out the right most guy first, then come back and take out the standing guy and the crouching guy. If you time it right, none of them will notice the others.
  • A big door will open, so seek cover outside the big room and get the lay of the land. There are only two guys to take out, which isn’t too challenging. Head up to the door they were guarding. Look to your left for another door you can open, and find a piece of bio intel. Follow the marker to meet your contact, another famous Bond girl. She’ll fill you in on the situation.
  • Head into the lab area, hit the switch on the consoles, and then photograph the tanks across the way. Head back the way you came for a little hand-to-hand action. There’s a cell phone to pick up on the console while you’re hanging around. Follow Holly into the formerly toxic lab. Look for an electro switch to flip, and then use the bio scanner to analyze the toxin. Then you will be attacked. Dur.
  • You’ll head back the way you came and face three guards. Easy. Then switch the bio scanner, follow the toxic trail, and get ready to kill a LOT more guys. There are some good guns lying around, and now would be the time to grab one. Some guards are armored, so head shots are helpful. Follow the path to the tracks, drop down and follow them around, and prepare for a slo-mo throwdown with five more guards. Climb onto the elevator platform and activate the switch to lower it. Will you be attacked from all sides as you descend VERY SLOWLY? Of course you will.
  • In the next hall, look for a camera ahead of you, and enter the room immediately to your right for some bio intel. In the next room, kill the guard ahead of you, then ruin the camera, then follow the second one into the room on the left. Take out that guard and go out the far side of the room to avoid being spotted and move on.
  • In the next room, use your electro scanning to find a hackable panel to open the next door. That raises the security, so head through the door right next to you instead. Look for a camera at the end of the hall, take it out. Enter the door on the right, take out three guys in white outfits (preferably with the tranq gun) and then head out the vent in the far end of the room. There are two wall panels here to deactivate guns. Once you do, your contact will call you back. Go bail her out, and enter the door that is now clear.
  • Scan the keyboard on Drax’s desk, then the books on his shelf. Pull out the marked book to open a safe. There’s a wall panel to open for some bio intel as well. Take the elevator up, and get ready to be sneaky. The darts are very handy here, as you need to clear out the bad guys for no apparent reason, but you’ll head up the stairs to a computer terminal. Take out the three guys in here and hack a panel. Then you’ll have to take out a patrol, then look for a wall panel to shut down a server. Hit the button on the right. Another patrol will come in after that and it’s VERY easy to set off an alarm and deal with a pile of guys. When you’re done, head out of the room.
  • Fist fight, of course. Then after that you’ll come to in a hazardous position. Use your electro scanner to find the power supply in the wall and deactivate it. Then you’ll head into the tunnels and break through a hatch. Be careful, if you delay AT ALL, including climbing poorly, you may not be able to escape at the end. Run as fast as you can.
  • Fastest space suit putting on ever! Shoot your way to the control center, where they are kind enough to give you a sniper rifle. Use it to good advantage, then Holly will send you to find a data thingeeto hack, hold off the bad guys while it runs, then do it again before you can escape.
  • Who wants a laser? Cuz now you can get one. Fight your way along the gantry walkways (look for a guy above with an RPG). Consider using the sniper rifle and progressing slowly to keep from getting beaten down. There’s really no easy way to get through this section, there’s a lot of guys, and it’s a grind. Right after the beginning there are a few grenades you can pick up on a box on your left, they’ll help. On the other side, you’ll reach a helicopter.
  • From the chopper you’ll cover Holly with the gun (a weak one, sadly) while she flies to the shuttle. Look for the RPG guys and barrels before you sweat the laser troopers. And then you’re on a spaceship!
  • And now you’re doing Bond things…in space! Take out the targets in the room so Holly can move on. Alerts are easy to trigger, so be ready to be fast on the draw with your dart pen. In the next room you only need to take out as many guys as it takes to get to the marker and head down in the elevator, which is good, because your dart supply is limited. Using the laser is a very easy way to draw a lot of heat and lose the mission.
  • In the third room, you should be able to creep up on the guards and subdue them one at a time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember Moonraker being this AWESOME.
  • Stick with Holly to reach the “pod” room. Look through the floor to identify the serial number on the pod removed, then find the corresponding terminal for the first symbol, and enter the three-digit code. In concept this is easy, but the speed at which you do it isn’t very forgiving. After all that, there’s a space fight! Very Ender’s Game. Cover is hard to come by, so keep moving. There will be two waves of bad guys. Then you head into the air lock. Go outside, blow up three guns, look out for guards, then head back the way you came.
  • Follow the markers and kill a LOT of floating space guys. Then you’ll be out in open space and have to reenter the pod bay. Take out each of the six arms there, you can hit them in the glow part. After the first one, they start up two at a time and it’s very hard to take them all out in good time. Hold the trigger down for very fast auto fire. There are two windows when you can shoot each arm. If you drop the ball, you can take out the pod it drops, but that will hurt you when it releases poison. After the arms are clear, you will need to plant a bomb at the top of the area and you’re all bonded out!
  • After you throw Drax out into space, of course.

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