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The gaming world may be missing a proper retail reimagining of Quake 3, but we certainly have a freeware one worth playing. Warsow is best described as a neon-punk Quake 3 that decided to get into parkour after its teenage years, and it’s glorious.

Good multiplayer shooters tend to focus on movement over the actual act of shooting, and Warsow understands this. Complex physical maneuvers are incredibly commonplace, and players zip around the levels at obscene speeds. There’s not much else to it besides run, jump, and shoot, but does there need to be? Sometimes that’s enough.

For those looking to improve their movement game without fighting other players in the process, Warsow also has maps designed specifically to challenge your trickjumping/parkour skills. It’s great training, especially if you plan on playing Quake Live or Nexuiz.

Cry of Fear

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One of the freakiest games in recent memory – far scarier than Slender, in my humble opinion – is Cry of Fear. This Swedish-developed mod has made it to the “big leagues” with a proper standalone release on Steam, and it’s free to boot!

Cry of Fear follows a kid that wakes up in a dark alley with memory loss. As he strikes out into the towns and wilderness of Scandanavia, he finds that something has gone quite wrong: He is hounded on his journey by various strange and supernatural monsters. There are a few twists in the road, and the ending is determined by how you react to them. As for the game itself, it’s somewhere between a standard FPS and a scavenge/survive game. You really have to strike out to find gear and ammo, and the inventory system is just as awkward as you would expect form a survival horror title.

There’s also a co-op campaign for those too afraid to play alone. It’s a lot funnier than the solo campaign, so it’s best to play it after you finish the main story if you don’t want to spoil the plot.

Build & Shoot

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While Jagex may hold the Ace of Spades name now, the original freeware title, now titled Build & Shoot, is far more entertaining and – funnily enough – stable than its commercialized counterpart.

Inspired by World War I, Build & Shoot pits two teams against each other in a Capture the Flag game on a large, destructible map. These teams can also build their own fortifications and dig their own trenches, and the end result is as close to the action in Verdun as any game can get. Slogging through the trenches, aiming across huge distances with a weak little rifle, and scouting for new incursions are all important parts of Build & Shoot. You have to master the intricacies of trench-style warfare to survive.

Build & Shoot is freeware, and there is still a large contingent of servers that you can find and play on. Some of these servers even have mods to change the map and mechanics of the vanilla game.

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On May 2, 2013 at 5:57 am

I may be mistaken but, was Metro 2033 indie? I know none of the big boys developed it. If it was, I would totally add it.