10 Horrible Game Endings

So I’ve been playing through Red Dead Redemption again recently, and that got me thinking about what the best game endings ever are. But f–k being positive; I wanna say some s–t about some games, and so I’ve put together a list of games with horrible endings. I’ve even got videos to go along with them, because who gives a damn about spoiling these terrible endings? Not me!

This list is not definitive, and so these may not be the absolute worst endings of all time. But each of these did make me angry or sad, and so they deserve to be called out.

1. Knights of the Old Republic 2

What ending?

2. Rainbow 6: Vegas

You fight through legions of terrorist for hours only to arrive at the end and be told the princess is in another castle. Nothing says “We ran out of money” like a game that ends before you fight the villain.

3. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

I actually dug the endings of the first two games because I was intrigued by the mystery, but by the end of Brotherhood, where it was made absolutely clear that the folks at Ubisoft intend to draw this nonsense out forever, I was f–king pissed. Rather than shed some light on the mystery, this ending just attempts to add more mystery, and it succeeded only at make me no longer care about any of this stupidity.

4. Metal Gear Solid 4

There’s only so much retconning I can take, and this ending certainly exceeds that limit. The whole ending is basically one big retcon of the entire franchise, and by the time it was over I was puking all over my living room.

5. The 3rd Birthday

I actually really like this one, but boy is it awful. Nevermind that it’s a 20 minute cutscene on PSP, which should never, ever happen — it just doesn’t make any sense at all, in the kind of way you could only hope for in a Japanese game.

6. Crackdown 2

At the end of Crackdown, you learn that the Agency, who you work for, is actually evil and stuff. So in Crackdown 2, you work for the Agency again, and again it has a twist ending where you learn, GASP, that the Agency is evil and stuff. I’m totally serious.

7. Indigo Prophecy

I’ve never seen a game go utterly downhill the way Indigo Prophecy does. It’s, like, kind of intriguing, and then there’s ice everywhere and hours of quicktime events, and then and ending I still don’t understand. Seriously, what just happened?

8. Final Fantasy XIII

All I remember about this ending is that all the characters act all chummy as if they didn’t just go through the lamest adventure of all time. God, I hate myself for finishing this game.

9. BioShock

My beef isn’t with the ending itself so much as the final boss, which was so stupid that it went a long way toward ruining all the goodwill the rest of the game had built up. BioShock was an amazing experience… until you discover the final boss is just some ‘roided up mad man who carries no interesting subtext.

10. Oblivion

Oblivion pissed me off in general because the main plot was so damn urgent that I would ignore the actually cool stuff in the game (ie everything aside from the main plot) in order to finish it. And boy did that not pay off at all.

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5 Comments on 10 Horrible Game Endings


On July 11, 2011 at 8:16 pm

you can’t really have left out sniper:ghost warrior ending out of the list!!! *shoot*… credits… the end. lamest of ALL time not due to inconsistency/sadness/anger… but for lack thereof!


On July 12, 2011 at 10:25 am

Where is Divinity 2: Ego Draconis on this list? ( The original, not the expansion).

I mean, evil winning in the end and you figuring out you were tricked all along? That must account for a horrible end!


On July 12, 2011 at 8:20 pm

The end of Oblivion is actually incredible I thought, but you have to be a fan of Elder Scrolls lore to have it be impactful I guess.


On August 2, 2011 at 4:56 pm

You thought RDR had a good ending?

This is why it sucked.

The ending was sooooooooo lame, throughout the game John was a superhuman killing machine who could drop 5/6 guys before they could even get a round off and had a unique ability to cover behind the flimsiest of objects under a hailstorm of bullets without so much as a scratch. However come John’s death the developers decided to add a sense of ‘realism’ it’s obviously apparent 1 guy would not be able to defeat 10/15 military personell attacking him but you cannot just add this ‘realism’ now to suit your ‘ending’ but include it at no other point in the game. He could have and would have climbed to the higher floor and shot out of the window or left through the back of the barn and killed the guys in a matter of seconds (obviously not realistic but is in keeping with the rest of the game).

Alternatively John could have been killed when Dutch died as Ross took your only weapon in that cut-scene to shoot Dutch. Also the ranch work missions should have been at the start of the game as to allow the player to form an attachment to abigail and jack and then have them taken away as I found I was far more attached to Bonnie but maybe thats just because she was kind of hot and abigail was a dog ‘yeah animation porn’.

Anyhow a game is a game and thats all it should be, it should be taken on face value, in effect RDR is GTA set 100 years earlier but slightly better. Leave the deep underlying, twisting plot lines for films and literature as they do not work in games, especially sandbox games where by vary definition the player has control of the character and his actions within an open environment. You could go on 200+ civilian killing sprees, dynamite and firebomb the Mcfarlane house as I did to get the $5000 bounty trophy and in what way was this in keeping with John’s new life and the dialogue/actions in the cut scenes and the theme of redemption throughout. (Plus why not just submit a pardon letter to Ross or his superiors as this worked for my $9600 bounty). Also the passing of time in the game was so lame I set a Chinese worker free, in the cut scene it said several weeks had past in actuality it was 3 days that passed. Also John was surely racing against the clock to hunt these guys down and be reunited with his family and yet he’s quite happy to spend several days hunting foxes (much to my annoyance) for hunter tasks and helping random strangers that only further delayed him from his main (would have been sole) objective.

Yes I understand the reason behind John’s death, the coming of a new age, a fathers sins, the son being forced into the life John never wanted for him and all that rubbish but it just doesn’t work in a game where you have control of the character and can perform actions that completely contradict the main theme of the game namely redemption without any consequence or change to the story at all.

Plus the actual ending was just as lame as John’s death anyway. It was almost as bad as the ending to Fallout 3 it seems that tragic endings are replacing happy endings as the new gaming Cliché. Basically it seems as though they decided that John’s death would be the end of the game but that somehow the player still needed the option to carry on playing as in not another fallout 3 so of course the answer is that you play as his son which was the final nail for me as this was completely pointless as was the killing of Ross and his wife/brother as there was no character development or attachment to Jack at all so I really felt no need to avenge John’s death.

lalala la

On December 4, 2011 at 6:26 pm

u have to admit over those days and nights hunting and such made u grow an attachment to john, which rockstar wanted to happen so u would want to get revenge as jack.