$100,000 Flyff World Championship (Interview)

A couple months ago, we spoke with the Flyff Community Manager about the secret to the MMORPG’s longevity. Following the developers’ recent announcement of the Flyff World Championship, a worldwide competition with over $100,000 in prizes for top players, we got in contact with the Flyff folks once again to ask more about this huge event. We’re approaching a point in North America where the eSports scene can be as big as it is in South Korea, and holding big cash tournaments like the FWC continues to take us in the right direction.

What prompted you to create the FWC?

Flyff Community Manager RabidFish: Quite a number of things prompted the inception of the FWC but the one that really sticks out is the fact that there are so many Flyff territories throughout the world. Our players in Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China, the UK, the US, and so forth are die-hard, loyal fans of the game, but they’ve never really had a chance to interact with each other!

We wanted to provide them with that opportunity, so we created the FWC. We put together $100,000 in cash prizes and a trip to G-Star in Korea (gamer’s paradise!) as a thank you to our wonderful players for being part of the worldwide Flyff community. For me, though, the real reward here is being able to bring all these great players together for the first time.

You mentioned that in addition to the cash prizes, high rank teams will be receiving special in-game items. Can you give us a taste of what’s in store for them?

Flyff CM RabidFish: Of course! For the winners, we’ll have special never-before-seen FWC Champion Armor sets and powerful Ultimate weapons. That’s not all, though! We’re running a number of FWC-related events open to players of all levels. Here in the US Flyff territory, we’ll be running a contest where both high- and low-level guilds can compete in the Championship Colosseum to win cool prizes such as wings, pets, and even a real-life plush Tanuki.

Korea has earned itself a reputation for having some of the best gamers in the world. Do you expect the Korean competition to be fierce? Where are the “best” Flyff players located?

Flyff CM RabidFish: Haha, I’m going to be very biased with my response since I’m the community
manager for the US territory, EFlyff.

While I’m sure the players in Korea are formidable opponents, I have every bit of faith in our US and EFlyff international players. We’re the largest territory, we’ve got a lot of Flyff history under our belts, and from what I’ve seen of our top guilds, all I can say is that we’ve got the most beastly players on the planet. We’re very confident we can take the crown. I know I just painted a huge target on our backs with that response, so I just want to say this:

All of you guys and girls out there waiting to make a splash, the title is in your grasp. It’s up to you all to take it!

Will any of the matches be streamed or recorded so that fans can follow the action? If so, will you have commentators/casters/MCs giving live commentary on the matches?

Flyff CM RabidFish: We’re still working out the details, but every single territory involved with the FWC is doing their best to make that happen. Flyff fans from all over the world certainly deserve to have their matches recorded.

What plans do you have for next year’s FWC?

Flyff CM RabidFish: Right now we’re totally focused on this year’s event. It’s our first ever Flyff World Championship so there’s a lot to do! It’s been a great experience, though, and we’re learning a lot as we go. Next year we’d like to build on that experience to make an even bigger and better Championship!

Given enough popularity and success, can you see the FWC eventually moving to a format where finalists will be flown in to a stadium to play live in front of an audience, in a manner similar to StarCraft in Korea?

Flyff CM RabidFish: I would like that! For a competitive gamer the ultimate prize isn’t so much the end reward, but simply being able to show off your skills and to have an audience and even your opponent watch and appreciate what it is you’re able to do and vice versa – I think that’s the ultimate prize for any competitor, period. It’d be a nice dream to work towards so we’ll see.

Closing thoughts?

Finally, I’d like to thank you guys for taking the time to talk with us about the Flyff World Championship. Everyone involved – ourselves, the developers Gala-Lab over in Korea, the other Flyff territories, and each of their respective Flyff communities – is really excited about this unprecedented event and we’re really happy to get the word out!

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