1001 Spikes: All Golden Skulls – Collectibles Locations Guide

Don’t let thousands of death traps and murder pits get you down in 1001 Spikes — reward yourself with every hidden golden skull. Below, we’ve listed locations for each shiny treasure. Find them all to unlock extra characters and finally 100% this nostalgically difficult side-scroller.

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All Golden Skulls – Collectibles Locations Guide

There are a total of 30 Golden Skulls in 1001 Spikes — one for each stage in World 1 through 5.

Skulls are collected by touching them. Some skulls are hidden behind fake blocks or breakable squares. Keep scrolling for specific instructions on how to find each skull.

World 1:

  • Skull #1 (Stage 1-1): The first skull is hidden inside a dark grey block to the left of the 9×9 light grey square, above the exit key.
  • Skull #2 (Stage 1-2): To the right of the exit key, ride the discolored grey block down and jump off it as it falls to grab the skull below.
  • Skull #3 (Stage 1-3): Easy. It’s right below the exit door. Instead of pressing the grey button, jump up with the two squares.
  • Skull #4 (Stage 1-4): Hidden in the hanging vines to the left of the exit door. The single vines block hangs from the light grey rocks.
  • Skull #5 (Stage 1-5): Reaching the rocks above the water, ride the most narrow platform down partially, then activate the second falling platform. Then jump back down to get the skull.
  • Skull #6 (Stage 1-6): In the final room, you’ll have to press both buttons to open the exit door. Right below the exit is a breakable block hiding this world’s last skull.

World 2:

  • Skull #7 (Stage 2-1): Easy to spot. Jump up into the stage’s top left corner, next to the spikes. As you fall, move left to avoid the spike trap underneath it.
  • Skull #8 (Stage 2-2): Another plainly visible skull. Inch into the narrow shaft to activate the falling block before jumping up and grabbing the skull.
  • Skull #9 (Stage 2-3): The skull is located between the exit door and the key. To reach it, ride the long light grey block down. Standing on it will cause the rectangular rock to slowly fall.
  • Skull #10 (Stage 2-4): After getting the exit key, jump across the pit. To the left, there’s an arrow trap. Break the single square to the left of the arrow trap, then drop down and break the square one block below the arrow trap.
  • Skull #11 (Stage 2-5): Break the block right beneath the first arrow trap past the early set of ceiling traps.
  • Skull #12 (Stage 2-6): There’s a hidden path to the right of the clearly visible golden skull down the long path that starts the stage. Look for the path in the discolored dark grey squares between the light grey.

World 3:

  • Skull #13 (Stage 3-1): Break the block directly to the right of the exit key.
  • Skull #14 (Stage 3-2): The skull is hidden behind a breakable grey block directly across from the first spike trap. Jump onto the second floating platform and you’ll be on the same level.
  • Skull #15 (Stage 3-3): The skull is clearly visible in the area with the spinning stars. Attack them to change their direction to grab the collectible.
  • Skull #16 (Stage 3-4): Just as the stage starts, climb the three squares on the right wall of the level to get this easy skull.
  • Skull #17 (Stage 3-5): In the area with the exit key, look for a light grey block below and slightly left of the upper boulder dispenser. Break it to reveal the skull.
  • Skull #18 (Stage 3-6): This one is well hidden. The skull is located inside the column above the starting point of the stage. Move left to the third column and jump in through the missing block. Look for the missing blocks to back-track to the first column and jump into the skull in the upper right corner.

World 4:

  • Skull #19 (Stage 4-1): Look for a discolored block directly across from the last red switch near the stage’s exit.
  • Skull #20 (Stage 4-2): Just above the lava in the bottom right corner of the stage. It’s the same area populated by red and blue scorpions. There’s no trick here, just jump for it and turn around.
  • Skull #21 (Stage 4-3): Right at the start of the stage, drop down onto the bottom then break the discolored block directly beneath the statue head along the left wall.
  • Skull #22 (Stage 4-4): There’s a discolored breakable block straight left from the exit key, one square above the permanent spikes.
  • Skull #23 (Stage 4-5): The skull is clearly visible, but difficult to reach. Ride the falling block above the lower left spikes, then destroy the square left of the skull.
  • Skull #24 (Stage 4-6): Move right until you spot a rectangular light grey rock column. Jump through this block then break the single discolored block in thee open area above.

World 5:

  • Skull #25 (Stage 5-1): The skull is visibly out of reach after collecting the exit key. Activate the red switch and key while falling and move fast to the dropping ceiling blocks to get the height you need to reach the skull.
  • Skull #26 (Stage 5-2): After collecting the exit key, but before entering the gauntlet of boulders falling through the tight one-square passages ahead, look for a square of 2-4 squares with two discolored dark grey blocks. One in the center, and one in the top-right corner. Break the top-right corner to get your skull.
  • Skull #27 (Stage 5-3): The skull, once again, is visible before the exit but tough to reach. You’ll need to ride the hopping bronze column all the way right, down, then left until it drops into the pit.
  • Skull #28 (Stage 5-4): Before getting to the exit key, you’ll have to navigate halls of spinning spike traps. On the second row, count two blocks down and one block left. Break that square to get the skull.
  • Skull #29 (Stage 5-5): There are discolored blocks two squares beneath the exit key. Drop down the passage next to the exit key and break the blocks to get the collectible.
  • Skull #30 (Stage 5-6): Around the lower left wall of the shaft, you’ll be able to access the exterior part of the level. From here, break the blocks to create stepping stones to finally break a block hanging from the ceiling where the final skull is hidden.

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