20 Game-Improving Mods for Skyrim

Sneak Tools

Download Link: Here

This is an extensive mod that greatly improves the experience of playing a thief or assassin in Skyrim. Sneak Tools adds the option of killing or knocking out characters using the pickpocketing system (basically a skill check against the target’s sneak skill). The mod also makes fire-based light sources extinguishable — and relightable. And as if these weren’t enough Thief-influenced (capital T) additions, the mod also adds a plethora of Thief-inspired arrow types (fire, water, oil, rope).


Dragon Soul Relinquishment

Download Link: Here

There are only so many words of the dragon language to learn within Skyrim, and there’s nobody around to teach you proper grammar. That said, there are as many dragons in the game as there are skeevers, which means you will eventually run out of things to spend your dragon souls on. This is one of several mods that seeks to rectify that problem. It provides you with a dragon stone at High Hrothgar that allows you to spend dragon souls for character enhancements.


Helgen Reborn

Download Link: Here

Remember Helgen? That little town that the black dragon levels in the opening scenes of Skyrim? When you go back it just remains a pile of rubble and dirt, populated by a few bandits. This mod recreates Helgen, fully repopulates it, and adds a number of new quests and fully voiced characters. It also adds a new character home to buy, and enables you to influence which faction the town will be loyal to.



Download Link: Here

Created by one single 19-year-old kid who wanted a job at Bethesda badly enough to, well, create what amounts to almost a whole DLC pack, Falskaar is a huge addition to Skyrim. It’s a whole new land with new quests, vistas, fully voiced characters, towns and dungeons. The mod adds another 20 hours of gameplay to Skyrim, and has been lauded as a Herculean effort, especially when considering it’s largely the work of one person. He had some help with voice actors and a composer for added music, but the lion’s share of the work behind Falskaar was still a one-man job.



Download Link: Here

Another mod that adds a new piece of land to Skyrim. Wyrmstooth includes a new major questline, fully voiced characters, a gigantic dungeon, and a few new powers, spells and perks.


Interesting NPCs

Download Link: Here

A mod that adds a ton of NPCs with intricate backstories, all fully voiced, with the goal of making Skyrim populated by people that have a little personality — not just another random Stormcloak or Imperial soldier or random traveler. It’s a mod that offers a lot of new people to interact with, do new quests for, while also expanding the dialog options of existing followers to a great degree.


The Dance of Death

Download Link: Here

Dance of Death adds a number of new and unused finishing moves to vanilla Skyrim’s combat. The repertoire of finishing moves expand as your character progresses. The mod also offers an intricate configuration menu to tweak and fine-tune.

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4 Comments on 20 Game-Improving Mods for Skyrim


On August 29, 2013 at 11:22 pm

As I’ve said before: Skyrim is not so much a game you play as it is a place you visit.

The fact that many of these mods make the world much bigger, deeper and more immersive than before just makes me love the fact that this game exists.


On April 21, 2014 at 9:11 pm

cant get half the mods because they require steam/nex and i downloaded a torrent :C :C

Zac Green

On May 2, 2014 at 9:11 pm

unhappy, you can still use skyrim nexus if you downloaded skyrim threw a torrent


On August 27, 2014 at 5:05 pm

I’ve got the RG version of Skyrim (Torrent) and i’ve got 100 mods working all from the nexus…