20 Game-Improving Mods for Skyrim

Empowered Magic

Download Link: Here

This mod completely reworks the magic-user character progression mechanics. Spells now level with the character, making lower-level spells more effective at higher character levels, while high level spells are vastly effective but come at a much higher cost.


Warzones Civil Unrest

Download Link: Here

One of the many things that are wrong with Skyrim is the poor implementation of the Nord civil war. Warzones adds huge, dynamic battles between the two sides to take part in, skirmishes, ambushes and other big, epic encounters. This mod adds a lot of action and a lot more heft to a conflict that in the vanilla version made the land seem strangely empty. Now the rivers run red with blood. Not only that — dragons can appear to add an extra grain of spice to the battles.


Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Download Link: Here

Starting the game as a prisoner is a staple of the Elder Scrolls series. But going through the somewhat lengthy opening scenes every time you want to try a new character can be grating. That’s where this mod comes in to help. Alternate Start – Live Another Life provides the player with a number of options from which to choose a new life for their new character, without the lengthy introduction sequence.


Run For Your Lives

Download Link: Here

It’s a small mod, but it gets rid of some frustrations that come when you’re trying to fight dragons in the more populated parts of Skyrim. In the vanilla version of the game, everyone joins you in attacking a dragon. And dies. Worse, once you start casting bigger spells and hit neutrals or kill civilians, you’re wanted by the law! So with this mod, everyone flees for safety, leaving it to the player character to fight off the nasty flying beasts.


When Vampires Attack

Download Link: Here

This mod essentially does the same thing Run For Your Lives does, only for Master Vampire attacks. This mod is designed for the Dawnguard DLC.


Moonpath to Elsweyr

Download Link: Here

Like cats? Like Middle Eastern-themed fantasy? Tired of Skyrim’s drab grey and cold? Then why not go to Elsweyr, home province of the Kahjit people instead? Moonpath to Elsweyr is a huge undertaking that adds a large new swath of land complete with quests, voiced characters, new enemy types, and custom built structures, foliage, and environments. This mod is not built around Skyrim’s existing assets but adds a ton of new, custom ones. Personally, it makes me wish for an official Elder Scrolls game set in Elsweyr.

If you think we missed any great gameplay mods for Skyrim, please leave us a comment below!

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4 Comments on 20 Game-Improving Mods for Skyrim


On August 29, 2013 at 11:22 pm

As I’ve said before: Skyrim is not so much a game you play as it is a place you visit.

The fact that many of these mods make the world much bigger, deeper and more immersive than before just makes me love the fact that this game exists.


On April 21, 2014 at 9:11 pm

cant get half the mods because they require steam/nex and i downloaded a torrent :C :C

Zac Green

On May 2, 2014 at 9:11 pm

unhappy, you can still use skyrim nexus if you downloaded skyrim threw a torrent


On August 27, 2014 at 5:05 pm

I’ve got the RG version of Skyrim (Torrent) and i’ve got 100 mods working all from the nexus…