3DS Launch Titles At a Glance

The Nintendo 3DS is less than 2.5 days away from its North American release, and starts rolling out in Europe momentarily. The gadget has caught a lot of flack for its lackluster launch lineup of games, and deservedly so — there are five first-party titles in the lineup, and none of them are high-profile Nintendo brands and three of the five are Nintendogs + Cats games.

So if you’re planning on picking up a 3DS and still haven’t decided which games to get, I’ve got a quick rundown on the launch titles that might be able to help you out.

Asphalt 3D

Genre: Racing

It’s yet another entry in the rather large Asphalt franchise, but it’s only the fourth on the DS platform, as GameLoft opted to push Asphalt 3, 5 and 6 on mobile phones only. The series is pretty popular. This is one of two racers on the 3DS (the other being Ridge  Racer). Both franchises have tons of experience n mobile platforms, so which one you want will probably come down to which franchise you’re more accustomed to.

Bust-a-Move Universe

Genre: Puzzle

Weirdly the only puzzle game in the launch lineup, Bust-a-Move Universe is a trusty standby. It’s a sure thing for puzzle lovers grabbing a 3DS, and it also has the the perk of being the only launch title with a $29.99 price point, while the others are $39.99.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs

Genre: Fighting

It’s a fighting game in which all the characters are dinosaurs. What else needs to be said?

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Genre: Tactical RPG

This is the first mobile Ghost Recon title, but it’s a TRPG rather than  shooter. It’s turn-based, with a grid. Yay!

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Genre: Lego

One of about seven dozen versions of Lego Star Wars III. It follows the Clone Wars TV series, and hopefully it’s better than that show, which is kinda lame. In the end it’s a Lego game, and you probably already know if you want it or not.

PilotWings Resort

Genre: Flight

This one is intended to be a showcase piece for the platform while also taking advantage of whatever nostalgia you might feel for the SNES or N64 editions of this long-dormant franchise. Weirdly, the “Resort” in the title is referring to the island on which Wii Sports Resort takes place, and so it seems a little strange that this isn’t a pack-in title.

Madden NFL Football

Genre: Sports

It’s Madden. It’s mobile. It’s in 3D. It could help you survive all the uncertainty surrounding the League right now, or it could make you feel worse about it. Either way, for now this is THE sports game for the American 3DS buyer.

Nintendogs + Cats

Genre: Pets

There are three of these, and I would guess your reaction to that title, whether it be disgust or glee, tells you everything you need to know about whether or not you should get one or more of these pet simulators.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Genre: Sports

PES has a rare advantage over FIFA; it has the 3DS to itself until EA Sports releases a new FIFA title for it later this year. Word on this title is all positive, and The Guardian says it’s the best of the launch titles. Something to think about.

Rayman 3D

Rayman is that quirky platformer that keeps going without the hype of every other platformer that has lasted more than 10 years. For the 3DS, it’s one of two platformers, the other being Super Monkey Ball. Ubisoft says this is an “adaptation of Rayman 2.”

Ridge Racer 3DS

Genre: Racing

Another 3DS racer. Asphalt has the advantage in terms of features, as it has local multiplayer while this has none.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles

Genre: Action

Like every other game that has the word “Warriors” in the title, this is an Omega Force game. Obviously, it’s part of the Samurai franchise. Also, since it’s Omega Force, it’s all hack-n-slash, all day.

The Sims 3

Genre: Sim

It’s the Sims.

Super Monkey Ball

Genre: party, platformer

This one will have you making use of the unit’s gyroscope, which can screw with the 3D effect if you aren’t careful. It’s not just a platformer; it’s got monkey fight and kart racing, too.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D

Genre: Fighting

The 3DS is pretty damn powerful, so Capcom was able to make a this version pretty close to what’s on consoles. And it’s in 3D!

Steel Diver

Genre: (Submarine Warfare (what the hell else am I supposed to call it?)

The only original IP in the lineup is this, a first-party title, if you can believe it. You drive a submarine around and blow up ships. Probably the slowest paced of the first wave of games.

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