5 Best Torchlight 2 Mods Using the GUTS Editor

It’s only been a few days since Runic Games released the GUTS Editor for Torchlight 2, and we’re already seeing some very cool user-created modifications.

In case you don’t know what that is, the GUTS Editor is a toolkit which allows you to delve into the ‘guts’ of the game, providing you with the ability to modify everything about it. You can alter the game at its very core by changing up the skill system, creating your own items, and even designing your own maps and quests.

Runic Games and fans of Torchlight 2 have released numerous mods, some of which we think are well worth checking out if you’d like to inject some variety into your game. There are over a hundred mods already available for the game right now, so we chose some of the most popular ones on the Steam Workshop and tested them ourselves to see what they had to offer. Here are five mods we are more than happy to recommend.

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SynergiesMOD is a collection of mods by Salan that’s been in development for over six months.

The mod is an overhaul of Torchlight 2, and contains a wide array of new content, including 106 Elite monsters, 106 Hero monsters, 6 Rare dragons, 6 “extremely rare” world bosses that have a chance to spawn on various major areas of the map, a new vendor who sells alternative leveling dungeon maps, and a portal to the end game area for level 100 characters. Also included is a new class, the Necromancer, and two incomplete classes which remain in development.

It also sees the addition of new pets, quests, hairstyles, faces, and a new user interface for HP, Mana and Fame.

Finally, the mod adds end-game raid bosses for high level characters to challenge themselves. These bosses have the chance to drop some of the best weapons and items in the game.

Enhanced Retex
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Enhanced Retex is made up of four parts, and serves as a ‘complete enhancement’ of all the game’s assets, offering new, higher resolution textures. The mod is fully compatible with most other mods, except those which have conflicting texture changes.

The mod’s creator Dasein calls it a “subtle, yet distinct improvement to all the original art in the game.”

Improved Summons
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This particular mod is a reworking of all the summoning spells in the game. It reduces the cooldown timers to allow for quick recasting, removes the life duration so your summons stick with you until they die, and allows your summons to follow you through zones and loading screens.

Keep in mind that the mod keeps the summoning limit intact, so you won’t have to worry about making the game too easy for yourself. It simply removes tediousness using these spells.

The mod affects all ranks of all the summons in Torchlight 2 and is available in ‘lite’ and ‘normal’ forms.

Improved Engineer Summons
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This mod affects all Engineer class summoning skills by removing the artificial cap on the life duration of the machines you summon. They will now fight for as long as they have health. Your summons will also follow you through zones and loading screens.

The changes offered by the mod affect the Healing Bot, Gun Bot, Spider Mines, Sledge Bot, and Immobilization Copter skills.

Respec Potion
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This mod adds a new type of potion to general goods vendors. When consumed, these potions will reset your skills and allow you to respec your character without having to create a new one.

Did we miss any cool Torchlight 2 mods? Let us know in the comments.

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On September 24, 2013 at 9:01 am

Hi, i’m the author of Torchfun: the overhaul. It’s a full conversion mod, or i like to call it a huge improvement to vanilla.

Here is the steam workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=141915643