5 Essential GTA IV Mods

5. TreesModIV

There are a number of different graphical enhancement mods for GTA IV, but some of them can be quite demanding on the system, aren’t properly optimized, or require fiddling with shaders or downloading a variety of smaller mods to arrive at the final look. This mod simply makes the trees more realistic without noticeably impacting performance, adding some much-needed vibrancy to foliage.

4. Ragdoll / Euphoria Mod

This mod is simply too fun to pass up. GTA 4′s Euphoria physics engine produces some very realistic — and hilarious — results, and this mod lets you appreciate the engine to its full capacity by allowing you to toggle ragdoll mode whenever you want. Do the drunken saunter.

3. Ride Along Mod

Ever wanted to just be a passenger? Or recreate that scene from some generic action movie in which the guy jumps into someone’s car, points a gun at him, and says, “drive?” This mod allows you to enter the passenger seat of random vehicles on the road and fire out the window as you ride shotgun. This is a no-brainer — why wasn’t it in the vanilla game?

2. Bigger and Realistic Explosion Mod

You have not seen explosions in GTA 4 until you’ve installed this mod. Apart from increasing the area of effect of explosions and their damage, it creates extremely realistic explosion visuals reminiscent of Battlefield 3.

1. Car DealerShip Mod (Lilmcnessy Autos)

Did it ever seem odd to you that, amidst all the vehicles in the game, you never find a car dealership? This mod fixes that. A blip on your map points you to its location, which allows you to either buy or steal cars from the lot.

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3 Comments on 5 Essential GTA IV Mods


On July 4, 2014 at 2:54 am

For a mod that gets so much coverage, it’s disappointing, and not just a little frustrating, that the iCEnhancer doesn’t even work with the latest patch. Especially so considering that all steam users are forcibly updated to it.

Benjamin Cunningham

On July 11, 2015 at 12:23 am

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