5 Games That Would Benefit From Having Dinosaurs In Them

Dinosaurs, man. They’re so cool. So cool, in fact, that many games should have them rather than just the small handful that do, like the new Jurassic Park: The Game. If zombies can be a part of pretty much every game out there, then I think dinosaurs could too. Let’s explore that by listing some games that would be better with dinosaurs.

5. Fallout

If the Master is going to spend all that time and effort making super mutants, why can’t he also create dinosaurs? Can you imagine that? Dinosaurs roaming the wasteland messing everything up? It would be a new epic wrinkle to an already pretty epic series. Hey, modders, where you at? I want to see dinosaurs in a Fallout game before the year is out.

4. Mass Effect

Nothing says “the end of all civilization in the galaxy” like dinosaurs, right? What if, bear with me on this, the Reapers were actually dinosaurs? Or, like, robot dinosaurs! That would be amazing. The giant reaper ships arrive at Earth and unload a bunch of giant robot dinosaurs to start destroying everything. Admit it; you can’t think of anything better that could happen in Mass Effect 3.

3. Portal

We’ve never encountered living things in a Portal game before, but wouldn’t it be great if the first time we encountered one it was a dinosaur? It would make for an exciting, tense scene, where we have to escape from the dinosaur or kill it with portals or trap it or something. It would be a thing of beauty, however it played out. Portal 3 would be game of the year for sure with a scene like that.

2. Tetris

The greatest puzzle game of all time would be that much more awesome if it had dinosaurs. I won’t even pretend to know how it is they could implement dinosaurs into the game, but I do know it should be done and that it would be great. And I know I would play it a lot more if we had “Tetris, Now With Dinosaurs.”

1. Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis is a lot of fun, but it’s got a major lack of dinosaurs, and so I’m finding it hard to keep myself interested these days. Too, I’ve started to find that I like Top Spin more than the good ole VT. But if they made it so you played against dinosaurs, or if you had to avoid a dinosaur while you were playing, I would come back to this great franchise in a heartbeat. I would not hesitate even a little bit.

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1 Comment on 5 Games That Would Benefit From Having Dinosaurs In Them

Sasy Scarborough

On November 16, 2011 at 10:15 pm

I think Pacman should also have dinosaurs, or even Donkey Kong maybe Kong could throw barrels at a dinosaur, or vice versa. Great post, very entertaining, and as for Tetris now with dinosaurs, what if you had to make your pieces into the shapes of dinosaurs to win :P .