5 Historical Eras We’d Like to See Assassin’s Creed Go Next

4. Anything with Pirates

Assassin’s Creed is already a bit of a swashbuckling adventure. I mean, kind of. Some cool stuff takes place on ships and in harbors in the games, and those fleeting moments spent on the water always felt like they would have made for a quality Assassin’s Creed experience in total.

Imagine, if you will, adventuring around port cities in the Caribbean in search of Templar-controlled galleys that have been scouring the tropical waters for powerful hidden treasures. Lots of climbing up ships’ hulls and masts, awesome dives from crows’ nests into churning seas below, plus intense sword-wielding fighters who pull no punches, unlike the crappy Byzantine guards employed in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Plus, cannons. Lots of cannons. The game would culminate in set pieces in which you’re running around a burning, besieged city, manning cannons to fire at attacking ships while pirates storm the walls.

Also, everyone would have a peg leg — even you. Try climbing with that s–t.

3. Feudal Japan is Feuding

It’s a bit of a done-to-death historical era in terms of video games, but bear with me here: Assassins. Samurai. Ninjas.

If there’s one thing the Assassins haven’t come up against yet, it’s a group of trained killers as skilled and spooky as themselves. Ninjas offer that, especially if Ubisoft does its research and pulls away from the Foot Clan aesthetic and goes with something more realistic, like ninjas posing as servants and gardeners around feudal lords’ palaces. It’s basically the same premise as what we see in AC’s multiplayer: A world in which an enemy could be anyone, requiring players to be on their guard at all times.

Meanwhile, there could be some absolutely vicious sword fights with samurai, and it’s not far-fetched to assume the Assassins Guild would struggle to get a foothold in Japan, where it has (presumably) never been established. A country where you have no moorings, where random people want to kill you with rakes and trowels, and where some incredibly skilled swordsmen would be gunning for you? Sounds delightful.

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