5 Historical Eras We’d Like to See Assassin’s Creed Go Next

2. Hangin’ with Mr. Tesla

Mentioned in (I think) Assassin’s Creed 2 is the Tungunska Event, which is commonly believed to have been a meteor impact in Russia but which has some compelling conspiracy talk swirling around it. The event was a massive explosion in 1908 in rural Russia, believed to be somewhere in the range of 5 to 30 megatons. So that’s already kinda scary.

It’s been posited that the explosion could have been the result of an experiment by the famously interesting scientist Nikola Tesla, and AC2 runs with this theory. In a Subject 16 puzzle, you actually can read a caption that states that the Tungunska Event was the result not of a meteor hitting the atmosphere or a Tesla experiment, but of his attempts to destroy the Apple of Eden on behalf of the Assassins.

A modern setting. A Piece of Eden. Nikola f–kin’ Tesla. And a 30-megaton explosion. Make a game around this, please.

1. Joining in the American (or French, or English) Revolution

In the lore of Assassin’s Creed, there have been some notable political figures as members of the guild throughout history. The American Revolution has already shown up in Subject 16 puzzles with references to Pieces of Eden, and if you want to start talking conspiracies and secret societies, the mythology surrounding the founding of the United States isn’t short on either one. Just ask Nicholas Cage.

Anyway, you’ve got the Colonies basically under British attack, and it’s not hard to see that war as a front for some Templar invasion to recover a Piece of Eden (or whatever, really). Meanwhile, as some forum posters have pointed out around the Internet, there’s a wealth of good characters to support your backstabbing ways and it makes some temporal sense in terms of Desmond and his ancestors.

Meanwhile, there are some other fun revolutions going roughly around this same time. The French Revolution is particularly bloody and a little more confined and comes after the American Revolution. It includes civil unrest, the beheading of monarchs and all kinds of other moments that would make a thrilling backdrop for trying to shape the course of history.

A little further back and closer to Ezio’s time is the revolution by Oliver Cromwell that overthrew the British monarchy and briefly turned the country into a Commonwealth. Cromwell’s a controversial character who could go either way in terms of his good-guy, bad-guy-ness — on the one hand, some see him as a hero for liberty. On the other, he conquered Ireland and Scotland and more or less committed genocide against Catholics. He’d be a compelling villain — especially if he were on the side of the Assassins and was corrupted by his power.

Wherever Ubisoft brings Assassin’s Creed for its next installment, if there’s one thing the series does well, it’s capture the period and the locations in which it takes place. Personally, I’d like to see some more compelling villains and maybe some events I’m a touch more familiar with (since much of my knowledge of the Crusades is derived of Robin Hood: Men In Tights Prince of Thieves) out of the series. I’d also like to see assassins try to deal with gun-wielding enemies and people who understand explosives. As bad-ass as Ezio is, I kind of doubt he’d be quite so effective if guards and soldiers weren’t totally in awe of anything that makes a loud noise.

So c’mon, Ubisoft. Challenge us and our sneaky stabbing skills a bit, why don’t you.

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