Top 5 Mandalorian Mods for KOTOR

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic released on July 15, 2003, and in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary, we’ve compiled another mod list for this classic. Last year, we brought you a list of five essential KOTOR mods. Now, we’ve prepared a special treat for fans of the Mandalorians, everyone’s favorite armorers.

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5. Mandalorian Base

This mod gives players a new Mandalorian base to explore based on the Black Rakatan’s base that can be found on the Unknown World. While the mod is incomplete — the author hoped to add a merchant, dialogue, and reskins — it does offer a new Mandalorian style of armor.

4. Revenge of the Sith Clone Armors

I know, the clone armor isn’t actually Mandalorian, but it is based on Mandalorian design aesthetics that are self-evident. This mod, which was in production for years, adds a set of 12 Phase II Clone Trooper armors to the game. Most of these armor sets can be seen in Revenge of the Sith, while the rest were depicted in movie-related materials. The armor will replace all the Republic Uniforms seen throughout the course of the game.

As a bonus, the Republic embassy and hangar now have the Republic banners and digital panels displaying Republic symbol from the Clone Wars era.

3. Bralor the Mandalorian

This mod adds a new NPC merchant and mercenary to the game, a Mandalorian named Bralor Huff. He can be found in the Dantooine enclave and comes equipped with every state of the art Mandolorian weapon there is — at reasonable prices, to boot. The mod author even gave him a little back story: He is a mercenary who has fallen upon hard times and must resort to selling items to earn a living.

2. Sherruk – Attacks With Lightsabers

On Dantooine, you can find a Mandalorian named Sherruk who collects lightsabers as trophies. This mod does two things: first, when in combat, it makes Sherruk attack the player with a lightsaber in each hand; second, it places a total of seven lightsabers in his inventory for players to loot.

The obvious inspiration for this mod comes is General Grievous. Sherruk initially only had two lightsabers in his inventory; upping that number to seven makes him seem like a far more formidable opponent.

1. Mandalorian Ultimate Mod

You may have noticed that KOTOR includes three types of Mandalorian armor — blue, red, and yellow — but that players can only equip the blue armor.

That’s what mods are for.

This mod gives players the opportunity to wear all three armor colors. It also gives Canderous a suit of dark Mandalorian armor, upgrades the Dantooine Mandalorians, and includes a few surprises that I won’t spoil.

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