5 Reasons Not to Give Diablo 3 Another Try with Reaper of Souls

Previously, I wrote about why you should give Diablo 3 another chance when patch 2.0 and the Reaper of Souls expansion releases this March. In fairness, I also wanted to give equal representation to the arguments against trying out the game again.

Patch 2.0 is completely free and includes most of the major system changes that Reaper of Souls is bringing. Still, here are five reasons you shouldn’t even consider trying out the patch to determine whether you should give Diablo 3 another chance.

1. Because F*** You, Blizzard

After the atrocity that was Diablo 3, you should never give Blizzard another dime. Despite all the glaring signs that Diablo 3 would not be as good as we hoped, we threw our money at Blizzard with pre-orders on good faith — and that’s Blizzard’s fault! Since we didn’t wait for reviews before deciding to buy Diablo 3, we shouldn’t wait for reviews to decide to not buy Reaper of Souls.

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2. $40 for NOTHING

Reaper of Souls costs $40 and adds no new content to the game apart from one new class and one new act. And new monsters. And a level cap increase. And new skills and skill runes. And new Legendary items. And a new difficulty system, Nephalem Rifts, Bounties, Cursed Chests, a new artisan, new loot system, and a new paragon leveling system.

But apart from all that content — which required hundreds of man-hours from employees that were paid for their work — there is no new content. Lord of Destruction added two new classes to Diablo 2 — that’s, like, 200 percent more content than Reaper of Souls! Blizzard should give Reaper of Souls away for free as an apology for Diablo 3.

3. Popular Builds Are Dead

The Archon Wizard, Critical Mass Wizard, and Whirlwind Barbarian — as we’ve come to know them in the base game — are no more. Blizzard clearly doesn’t want us to have fun, so the developers have killed these efficient builds by rebalancing skills in order to promote greater diversity. That’s right — after the countless hours you spent creating a barbarian that is exactly like every other barbarian out there, you now have choices to think about. Thinking is for losers.

4. Bind on Account

With Loot 2.0, Legendary items and gold are account-bound. Not only has Blizzard removed the Auction House, but now we can’t even trade the old-fashioned way. Sure, this means that the game will no longer be plagued by botters, and that Legendary items won’t ultimately flood the economy and become so worthless that it’s easier to trade for them than find any on your own through actually playing the game, but that’s how we did it in Diablo 2 and everything was better in the past.

5. Because F*** You, Blizzard

It bears repeating.


Facetiousness aside, there is no doubt that there’s room for improvement in patch 2.0 and Reaper of Souls. That said, they both represent a step in the right direction for the game.

Blizzard needs to keep working on the numbers — Legendary item drop rates, monster hit point scaling, difficulty rewards — but these are tuning passes. The greatest issue currently plaguing patch 2.0 is that, while the leveling experience is more fun than the base game, the level 60 experience isn’t, due to decreased monster density, drop rates, and the fact that players are already decked out in Auction House gear, which all make finding an upgrade more difficult.

Still, once the patch launches, it is worthwhile to give Diablo 3 another go. When Reaper of Souls launches, wait for player and reviewer feedback before deciding to buy or skip the game.

CJ Miozzi is an associate editor at Game Front. Read more of his work here, and follow him and Game Front on Twitter: @rhykker and @gamefrontcom.

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26 Comments on 5 Reasons Not to Give Diablo 3 Another Try with Reaper of Souls


On January 24, 2014 at 2:39 pm

haha I love how you guys made this article to troll a certain comment : p

I, for one, will try the new patch, and if I like it, I’ll buy the game.

original D2 was also quite “ok” as far as i remember – it was a good game, but it was the expansion (and, to some extent, patch 1.10) that made the game what it is today.

also, bind on account is simply awesome. no more bots / dupes flooding the game (I hope..).


On January 25, 2014 at 12:03 am

I can give you a real reason to stay away from D3 after RoS comes along.

If you think the gold sellers were bad? Just you wait until the Auction Houses gets shut down and you start getting spammed by black market item sites. Like that one site that made well over a million dollars selling D2 items at .10 – 1.00 a piece.

The hypocrisy continues to be strong with the D3 community.

T. Jetfuel

On January 25, 2014 at 1:57 am

And there I was thinking that we’re actually going to get a considered look at the reasons not to keep throwing money at Blizzard if not happy with their product to balance out the sales pitch in the other article. But nope, facetiousness (the author’s own description of the bulk of his article) all around.

Why is a journalist doing the hard sell on behalf of Blizzard? I don’t get it.


On January 25, 2014 at 5:03 am

“Still, once the patch launches, it is worthwhile to give Diablo 3 another go. When Reaper of Souls launches, wait for player and reviewer feedback before deciding to buy or skip the game.”

yeah sure, a “hard sell”

T. Jetfuel

On January 25, 2014 at 6:08 am

Well, we could argue about the relative hardness of the sale, but is that really the point?

The gaming media is generally in such a sorry state that nobody will even blink if a “news” item settles for politely arguing for a purchase in bullet points taken straight out of Blizzavision marketing materials instead of, say, threatening to come round our houses and beat our asses if we don’t purchase this product. Mind you, Mr. Miozzi did go a bit beyond polite persuasion in his sneering mockery of people who are not inclined to continue funding Blizzard as stoopid hater-types.

CJ Miozzi

On January 25, 2014 at 12:29 pm


I know what sites you are talking about. However, Legendary items are account-bound. This will severely limit the amount of 3rd party sales. Most of the highest-end items in the game are account-bound. Sure, they can still sell rares, but high-end Legendaries are the end-game, not rares.

@T. Jetfuel:

The point of this article is that I see no legitimate reason to *not* give the *free patch* a try. I’m speaking to those who have already “wasted” $60 on Diablo 3. I want people to be able to recoup their losses. If people refuse to play the game on account of Blizzard’s business practices, or any reason that ultimately doesn’t boil down to the game itself, then that’s not an argument I’m going support. Blizzard isn’t killing babies; they’re just being capitalists. Am I happy about what they do? No, but that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the game itself.


On January 25, 2014 at 1:35 pm

The key word here is “free”. If the D3 patch/DLC cost a single cent then this article would be a prime example of fanboyism. But “free” changes the whole equation. That said, I am growing weary of this snide, absurdist writing on ALL sites, not just gaming-oriented ones. At the very least slap an “OPINION” banner at the top.

T. Jetfuel

On January 25, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Blizzard skewed the whole reward system of their game in order to nickel and dime the customers who purchased their product with the Real Money Auction House. They had plenty of warnings about what this would do to the actual experience of playing the game, but chose to ignore all that until now, when they have a new expansion to flog. This is just the bait on the 40 buck hook. And getting reeled in on that hook means affirming the success of this “innovative business strategy”. So what if some gamer losers complained? They still coughed up the money, and that’s what counts, right? You can call it “just being capitalists”, but I’m not buying games because I’m a huge fan of capitalism and just can’t wait what kind of a genius monetization scheme they can come up with next. It took a while for game design to get past the coin-milking ways of the Arcades, but it did and gaming got pretty good for a while back there. And now that’s done with.

As for these articles, there is writing “This is what the new Diablo thing is going to be like” or “This is why I’m excited about the new Diablo thing.” THEN there is writing “Heyy Rube! Step right up and buy the new, shiny Diablo thing! Don’t be like that guy who wouldn’t, he lost his job and had his hair fall out overnight because he didn’t drink the Diablo brand Snake Oil concocted out of the choicest rattlesnake serum by Dr. Blizzard, MD in his Lab of Tomorrow!” It’s just plain pathetic that people in the games media act like there’s no line crossed between these two approaches to journalism. I mean, I think Game Front is in general one of the better sites out there. So why not be better than this kind of thing?


On January 26, 2014 at 1:39 am

Instead of a butthurt rant against straw men, how about actual journalism, Gamefront?

CJ Miozzi

On January 26, 2014 at 1:29 pm


Thanks psycros. The sarcasm is a jab at the Blizzard “community,” and, believe it or not, some people actually thought that this article was *not* sarcastic.

@T. Jetfuel:

In more than one past article, we have already written, “This is what the new Diablo thing is going to be like.” I’d be happy to point you to those articles, if that is what you’ve come to read. But you don’t want to read those articles, as you have already made up your mind. Given the reception to those articles and the general hatred touted toward Blizzard across this and other communities, all I want is for people to keep an open mind about D3.

I have been very clear in both articles that my point is not to get you to spend any money before trying the game, as jade and psychros have been so kind as to point out, so you know very well that you are twisting my words.


Unfortunately, there are no straw men here. Every argument I have raised is one I’ve seen touted multiple times across multiple communities. There are people who did not realize my article is sarcastic and actually agree with the points I raise.


On January 26, 2014 at 8:06 pm

Dude March is still a month away and 2.0 is not set in stone, instead of comparing, you non valid suggestions, maybe give Biz credit and think about who was in charge of the company in general and is no more. Or do you even know the politics behind WoW and Diablo team.

I have played Diablo from ground up, granted Diablo 3 was in a way a let down but blizzard had no control over user input. Vivendi was in control of everything and didn’t care what the users thought. Blizzard not has control and is going back to the way the community grew to love.

Do your self a favor and don’t listen to critics who have don’t beta testing Because its beta for a reason!

Participate in Open Beta Stress Test or PRT 2.0 and see for yourself I was amazed when I Did.


On January 26, 2014 at 8:49 pm

LOLOL what BULL comparision to D2 Expansion, Saying NO NEW loot Sytem is Such THE BIGGEST lie ever since RUNEs and RUNE words came out in the expansion COMPLETLY Changing Diablo 2 Experience No New Skills ? BUT what about the new SYnergy Skill Sytem that got out after the expansion ? COmpletly Changing the Game Once again, SRY BUT D3 NEEDED a new loot system cuz the 1 right now SUCK ASS, Lolz EZ GG this new ty expansion make me wanna maybe put d2 back in.

CJ Miozzi

On January 26, 2014 at 9:10 pm


I was fair in my comparisons of LoD and RoS. Synergies did not come with LoD — they were added in a later patch years after the release of LoD (patch 1.10, in 2003). RoS may yet add more content in the future as well — it is unfair to compare such content.

LoD did not include a new loot system. It included new items, such as runes, which I factored into other bullet points. RoS includes a new loot system, in that the entire drop system is changed in RoS with respect to quantity and quality of drops.

This was a list of features that the expansion added in order to judge the value of the content added. Whether or not that content was needed because of how bad D3 was is irrelevant.

T. Jetfuel

On January 26, 2014 at 9:32 pm

Thanks for the response, Mr. Miozzi.

Personally I’m not sure if the comments section under a mocking parody (“thinking is for losers” and so on) of the people whose minds aren’t sufficiently open to new Blizzard product you wrote is the kind of house you should be throwing the “twisting my words” rock around in, though. And speaking of your words, why would you fault people for “not waiting for the reviews” before purchasing D3, as if those reviews were warning people away from the game? This game has a Metacritic score of 88, with 81 “positive”, 4 “mixed” and a grand total of 1 “negative” professional reviews. You yourself gave it a very respectable 85, for “longevity” among other things (and calling for in-game access to the RMAH, of course).

Now, contrary to what you believe, I’ve read plenty of articles about what the new Diablo thing is going to include, and I can only surmise I read them because I wanted to read them. D3 (a game I pre-ordered because I thought D2 was good and all) certainly disappointed me, partly for personal, idiosyncratic reasons, but largely because it was so dispiriting to see the developers utterly compromise their core strengths for a very tawdry exploitation model. Indeed it is tempting to see the recent elimination of 100 jobs at Blizz and the taking down of the RMAH as not entirely unrelated. Hey, maybe those 100 people were the RMAH sweat shop, creating rare loot all day long to sell at the Auction House! Paranoid? Maybe so, but it is going to happen soon enough if we continue encouraging these business models.

And ultimately, that leads me to think (although thinking does have that loserish feel that we trollin’ haters normally shrink back from to the soothing darkness of our ignorance) that maybe there should be some kind of a signal, readable to the capitalists at Activizzard HQ, stating that Diablo 3 was not a resounding success, despite the general critical cheerleading and the sales figures. But what? Well, there’s NOT forking over more cash for the expansion. That’s one language the bizness visionaries (or their designated bean counters) do read. “Bu- but they are just getting RID of the awful RMAH!”, you protest. Well, such are the ironies of the marketplace. Maybe they shouldn’t have waited TWO YEARS until they have more stuff to sell to fix the thing they sold us broken in the first place.

So there you have it. Not buying Reaper of Souls (even if they hire Snoop… er… Whatshisnamenow to star in an ad campaign as the “Rapper of Souls”) is Good For The Culture. As a random internet dude, I feel it is my duty to consider these matters. I understand the priorities of Journalism may be different, but something still feels a little off about publishing these campaigns designed to push people’s buttons in order to goad them into the attract mode (or “free update”) of this new product, as if informing them of its existence wasn’t enough. I give you the professional courtesy of assuming you are not paid by Blizzard, sir. So the question is: Y U work Pro Bono 4 Blizzard marketing?!?

CJ Miozzi

On January 26, 2014 at 10:08 pm

T. Jetfuel:

Firstly, I applaud you for a very well thought out comment. I respect your opinion and how strongly you hold to your beliefs.

I don’t believe in numerical review scores, but rather the content of the review. Diablo 3 reviews mentioned the always-online requirement and the auction house. Reviews are facts with opinions attached to them — readers should take both into consideration before making their purchase. Many people would have skipped on Diablo 3 if they had just waited to learn what the game would ship with and what it wouldn’t include before pre-ordering. As a side-note, if I had a full month with the game before reviewing it, I would have given it a lower score, as certain issues aren’t apparent after only a couple days with a game.

Regarding the “thinking is for losers” comment, that was a specific jab at the build diversity folks. Each of the four arguments is aimed at a specific group of RoS critics.

Also, Blizzard (can’t speak for Activision) does not regard D3 as a success, as a game (commercial success is another topic). I’m afraid I cannot divulge more details and have already said too much.

The reason I felt it necessary to tailor these articles toward supporting an open-minded view toward RoS is simply to balance out all the hate. I don’t have to give anyone reasons to not buy RoS — hating on Blizzard is the popular thing to do these days. Sure, I could have written an article that pandered to popular beliefs, and sat back and enjoyed all the comments cheering me on. I knew I would ruffle feathers with these pieces, but this isn’t a popularity contest.

Before D3 launched, I released an article warning everyone that it was going to fail. That upset the hive mind — I was a pariah. Never before had I received so many hateful comments. My views on D3 have always been unpopular, but they speak the truth, and I don’t care if people hate on me for them.

There are people out there who stopped playing D3, but don’t hate Blizzard. They want to know whether they should buy RoS. With all the hate on the internet toward Blizzard right now, they may not even give the game a chance. Every friend of mine who stopped playing D3 but tried out the PTR has decided to buy RoS or at least try out the full patch.

I respect that you want to take a stand in support of what you believe to be the betterment of the video game industry. Maybe I’m just a jaded cynic, but all I’m settling for is a desire for people to enjoy their games. My view is: They already paid for D3 — if patch 2.0 will make them enjoy the game more, then why not give it a try? [Your reply is because you do not want to support Blizzard; which is fair, and I won't try to convince you to change your beliefs.]


On January 27, 2014 at 4:49 am

Yeahhhhhh!!!! Thanks to hear that we have some GREAT JORNALIM, DIABLO 3 SUXS, Fu*** with almost all the fun the Diablo 2 have…they have KILLED the game, i was in very alpha test, and hated it so much….


On January 28, 2014 at 11:13 am

3. Popular Builds Are Dead

You’re missing the point with your sarcasm. Blizzard will continue to ruin builds that people work hard to build their gear around. It doesn’t matter that current builds are gone, what matters is that it sets the precedent that Blizzard will continue to ruin your builds.


On February 11, 2014 at 3:20 pm

Well do what you want whine some more about games not being 100% perfect as we all know there is no perfect game. Not defending blizzard but after gaming for close to 30 years the next game is going to be the and you get it and you go wtf. I havent seen a really good game made by anyone in a long time, WOW and Diablo and of course warcraft all good games. Other companies cant seem to get it right, but whats 40 bucks lol. If you cant afford 40 bucks get a real job man, or go beg your mom….


On February 12, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Besides the RMAH, lack of reward, and some other elementary game mechanics, I never cared for most of the mob/act boss designs in D3. Trying to be objective as possible, I thought Blizzard North did a better job with D2 creating very creative and diverse looking mob and boss designs despite being quite dated looking nowadays.

Most of the D3 mobs/bosses follow a motif that is just boring to me. IMO, the artists for D3 sure did use a lot of ‘spider’ and ‘fat’ archetypes (ie. Azmodan/Ghom, the Larder). I guess using fatter mobs designs plays the purpose of taking up XY screen real-estate since Z cam is fixed so the enemies look more imposing. This is all just my honest opinion. You don’t have to roast me for it, I’m not trying to flame any fans here.

Criticism aside, I’m so glad to heart that RoS will integrate Adventure mode and improved loot system!


On March 22, 2014 at 11:05 pm

First, I agree with T. Jetfuel, in that It’s Good For The Culture.

But second, for me it’s not even a boycott. I might be willing to put up with the questionable nonsense that Blizzard puts out if D3 were anything close to what it should have been instead of overproduced garbage, but it’s not. D3 still sucks for reasons that Reaper of Souls and Loot 2.0 don’t address.

Aside from introducing the level scaling nonsense that turned so many people off from Oblivion, all Loot 2.0 does is make Legendaries cooler and buff everyone across the board, by huge numbers that look more like a hilarious fan patch than a fine tuning update you should expect for a years-old game from a AAA developer. It’s a joke, and it’s a bribe. Your dude got buffs. Enjoy it while it lasts. D3 would have still been fun to play if it were a version of what D3 should have been in which your gear was a little weak. But it’s not. It’s completely stale and has zero replay value.

Remember raising 1-2 skeletons in D2, and then later a whole army? Remember when you could scale skills up as you chose, and your tactics were restrained by choices? Remember how there was actually a point to rolling up a second or third Necromancer? Remember when Diablo put the RP in ARPG? Diablo III doesn’t let you construct an identity at all. You’re one of five Jacks of all trades, go blow stuff up and pick up your Lambourghinis.

The fact that their lead game designer readily admits that the prospect of playing through the campaign more than once is “onerous” speaks volumes, too. Hell got a Twitter account, and it won’t stop video-tweeting until you exit the campaign and migrate to the $40 Adventure Mode.

I think that was most of the big points for me. The engine was smooth and the Monk had some neat ideas, but for me this would’ve been just a bargain bin pickup. Just your average AAA time waster with obnoxious plot delivery, smooth controls, shiny pictures, and no replay or roleplay value at all… only with crappier balance.

It’s shocking that people are all over this patch just because ur d00d got buffz. Sugar high, I guess.


On March 22, 2014 at 11:17 pm

But you might as well play Loot 2.0 if you already own D3. They already have your money, and you’re using their bandwidth, so no harm done.

Some people even like it. As a $20 title with no replay value, goofy balance, trivial normal monsters, and OP affix combinations, it’s sort of fine but I’d still only get it on sale, but even then, the always-online nonsense and sophist PR tapdancing would more than dissuade me from bothering.

Other people still like it. I’m bored with it, and I have better games to play.


On April 6, 2014 at 7:04 pm

BoA is bull. It won’t combat botters, it’ll make botters outta honest people. Unqiues won’t flood the market but there is no market theres nothing. Vast emptiness. No community, just some bull green text you get to see time to time. No custom game names, a ty bnet with little to no community feel to it.

Diablo 3′s expansion doesn’t even give you what vanilla promised you to have in it. Your basically paying for scraps that were removed or excluded from the oringinal release. Adventure mode? Diablo 2 on release had Adventure mode. Diablo 3 should have had adventure mode off the start.
Forcing us to not be able to travel act to act freely was probably the worse aspect of diablo 3. Now they want me to pay for their mistake? no thanks. You people can pay for scraps, but i will not.


On April 29, 2014 at 6:25 pm

best 40 bucks spended


On May 16, 2014 at 2:30 pm

To the person who wrote this article.

- Find a knife
- Sharpen said knife
- Take a deep breath
- Slice open as deep as you can your throat
- Die

Cause as you posted twice.. YOU
ya worthless piece of


On August 26, 2014 at 12:00 pm

To the author of this article

1. you need to shut up and get your facts straight. you just named a ton of things they added.
2. And this is to all the haters out there. if you don’t like something shut up and keep it to your self’s no body give two s about your opinions if your going to be negative.
3. CJ Miozzi you are the biggest hypocrite of all time
4. haters need to just die


On September 5, 2014 at 7:07 pm

Why talking so many about Diablo 3 i buy the game this week and i found him ultra fun, you say a lot of stupid points, you cant compare a game released pre 2006 with a game released on 2012, its a lot of time of difference, exactly what do you want dumbass? the same style of game and just for make you happy? and then what youre going to do? rage and complain cause “THE GAME IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS DIABLO 2 WITH BETTER GRAPHICS AND NEW CHAR YOU BLIZZARD” pls try to make a better crit not only spam like idiot, and now you say ” youre going to make exactly the same barbarian as other” oooh wait…wait…youre saying than my in neighbor have my brain and mind and hes going to make exactly the same char im creating!? YOU thats not in true, you have tons of skills and runes, to combine your own unique gamestyle, youre just crying because you cant do ” my whirlwind barbarian” the game is more “balanced” now, and im sorry if youre a freaky cryer that cant spam more in a game kill yourself and stop talking about a great game…
PD. you