5 Survival-Horror Games Resident Evil Creator Mikami Needs to Play

3. Teleglitch

More sci-fi and roguelike than horror game, Teleglitch nonetheless stands up in the genre for its creepy atmosphere and ever-present danger. Players work through a dangerous facility filled with mutants and other enemies, gathering resources and weapons and hoping like hell that they can survive whatever shows up around the next corner. This sense of creepy exploration, of being not-quite-ready for the task ahead, and that you’re often just inches from death gives Teleglitch an extremely foreboding atmosphere.

Teleglitch is also noteworthy for the way it manages to balance two interesting elements — first, it provides players with the ability to craft any number of cool weapons and items, like bait bombs, powerful guns and more. And yet, even with a great weapon in hand, Teleglitch stays balanced, putting the player up against monsters she will struggle to kill and keeping resources scarce. You might have a wicked automatic shotgun, but never quite enough ammo to keep it well-stocked. Forcing players to think about just how important each kill is and to act fast in their decisions about resource usage add another layer of dread to Teleglitch that is perfect for survival horror.

Get Teleglitch here.

2. The 4th Wall

If you’re looking for creep-out weirdness of the puzzle variety, The 4th Wall should be your next stop. It’s a first-person horror-puzzler, in which players find themselves in a strange world populated by stranger creatures and elements. “YOU WILL DIE,” the game proclaims early on, and then proceeds to kill you, (I guess), as you find your way through its strange, trippy world. A maze made out of static, strange ethereal face-monsters, a void filled with eyeballs — The 4th Wall is a bit like what Antechamber would be if the goal was to go all The Shining on you.

With Mikami’s The Evil Within ostensibly blurring the line between reality and insanity, The 4th Wall presents some great elements that could inform the creation of that game’s strange asylum setting. The 4th Wall is filled with non-Euclidean, unsettling spaces, showing off a propensity to create unease just by putting the player in a strange, unknown space. Throw in a deranged, marauding murderer (like the one that seems to star in The Evil Within) and the horror escalates pretty significantly.

Check out The 4th Wall here.

1. Slender: The Arrival

I’m something of a Slender evangelist, but that’s because the game is a phenomenal piece of scare material. In the original game, Slender: The Eight Pages, creator Mark Hadley managed to make even the act of seeing a lethal gamble for the player. This is a game that robs you of your most trusted sense in a number of ways, from its oppressive darkness to the fact that the Slenderman enemy grows more deadly the longer you stare at him. You must avoid the monster, but you must also keep from looking at it.

The full retail release of Slender, dubbed Slender: The Arrival, might be more game than the original Slender formula can support, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that Blue Isle and Hadley’s Parsec Productions have created something worth noticing in the survival horror genre. Mikami’s Resident Evil games were, for years, about leaving the player vulnerable — denying resources, weapons, ammunition, and even mobility. Slender uses all the same tricks, and amps up the psychological battle that Resident Evil 3 had players fighting against the Nemesis. It’s a study in robbing the player of their faculties, taking to the extreme something Mikami emphasized in the original Resident Evil.

Get Slender: The Arrival here.

Shinji Mikami can be considered responsible for the rise of horror in popular, triple-A titles, and I, for one, can’t wait for his return to form in The Evil Within. Hit the comments and let us know what you want to see in Mikami’s new game, and what games you think he (and the rest of us) should play in the horror genre.

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2 Comments on 5 Survival-Horror Games Resident Evil Creator Mikami Needs to Play


On April 26, 2013 at 6:42 pm

Siren Lost Translation for PS3 is by far the best Horror game I have played this generation of gaming.

Lizzie Laszlo

On April 27, 2013 at 3:10 am

Resident Evil gets countless sequels, many of which are disappointing at best. Meanwhile, the Fatal Frame series – which was genuinely terrifying at times – appears to have died completely, and how Eternal Darkness never got a follow-up is beyond me. I’d rather see another Dino Crisis than another substandard ‘Gears of Evil’ game that follows the series in name only.