5 Things We Want in the Next World of WarCraft Expansion

Blizzcon 2011 stands just three days away! Are you excited?

Last year at this time, the World of WarCraft universe was abuzz with information about the eminent ravaging of Azeroth at the hands (wings?) of Deathwing. Cataclysm, the third expansion of the insanely popular MMO, was the focus of a huge portion of the convention.

Today, the end of Deathwing is imminent, with Blizzard reportedly testing patch 4.3, which is reported to include the Deathwing raid instance. There’s been some speculation that this Blizzcon might see the announcement of the next WoW expansion.

So what do we want to see in the next great addition to the World of WarCraft? After looking back on Cataclysm and polling the WoW-heads around Game Front, we’ve come up with a few items we’d love to see Blizzard put some focus on.

5. Homogenize Healers

One thing I’ve heard mentioned repeatedly among fans is work on WoW’s healing classes. Things have been a little more homogenized among DPS characters, but specific healers are still required for certain fights — and that gets annoying when trying to organize a raid. A few tweaks here and there could go a long way to make things easier and more enjoyable for players, especially those who dedicate them to supporting teammates.

4. More Epic Questlines, Class-Specific Quests

The story and lore of World of WarCraft is some of the deepest and most interesting in video games, so let’s see more heavily lore-intensive stories. And especially those quests that end with a tough battle, a satisfying feeling of accomplishment, and a great item to take home. And while we’re at it, it’d be nice to see a few more great, involved class-specific storylines, in line with the Hunter, Priest and Warlock quests of the past. Pushing players’ skills to their limits and really testing people to develop into their specific classes adds more depth to the game.

3. The Cataclysm Reaching Everywhere

Cataclysm was a very cool idea, with the arrival of Deathwing basically ripping Azeroth apart, recasting much of the game in a new light and making old things new again. That’s awesome. But travel into the lands of The Burning Crusade, like Outland, and suddenly you’re going back in time. It’s something Blizzard had to punt on in the development of Cataclysm — there just wasn’t the time or effort available to be put into retrofitting the entire game to bring it in line with the events of Cataclysm. But at least in a new expansion, Blizzard should bring the rest of the WoW world into the present. It could even be done in pieces, but having a unified game world, with new quests and dungeons because of the influence of Deathwing, feels as though it should happen, you know, soon. Especially given that raiding parties are soon going to be taking Deathwing down.

2. More Epic Server Events

Getting a whole server to turn out for something big is a great way to make WoW players feel like they’re part of a greater world, and they’re definitely something to talk about. Giving players a reason to band together, like the opening of the Ahn’Qiraj gates, brings out huge crowds and also makes the world like a living, breathing, effectual place — even more so than usual. Plus it gives Blizzard a chance to be creative and engage with the community in cool ways.

1. Playable Panderan

Because c’mon. C’mooooooon.

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On October 19, 2011 at 2:46 am

1. NO WAY… panda’s in wow c’mon, really do not hope that will happen..