5 Things We Want to See in Dishonored DLC

Warning! We’re talking about post-release content possibilities for Dishonored in here, and that means there will probably be story spoilers of some kind. Read at your own risk.

Downloadable content for Arkane Studios’ recently released Dishonored seems like a given at this point. For one thing, there’s been a little talk of DLC from publisher Bethesda; for another, the game includes a quick-access button for buying downloadable content. And then there’s the critical (and probably commercial) success of Dishonored, which suggests DLC would do well.

So in thinking about what Arkane might offer us when we return to the world of Dunwall, we came up with five quick things we’d like to see covered in DLC. From story expansions to additional features, there’s a lot that Arkane could add to the game that could be extremely interesting, given the world the developer has already created.

5. New Game Plus

One of the elements that seemed missing from the retail release of Dishonored was the ability to play it through again, but this time, with more capabilities. The New Game Plus feature is hardly new in video games, and it seems like it’d be a perfect fit for Dishonored — allowing players to go through the game again with all their unlocks, giving them a different set of abilities at different points of the game.

Of course, if Dishonored were to add New Game Plus, we’d love to see a few twists go in with it. Some kind of super-hard difficulty setting would be cool, and maybe some special ability or weapon you can only unlock once you’ve managed to unlock everything else. Whatever new challenges Arkane could offer would help to make the mode even more appealing.

4. The Aftermath of the Conspiracy

One of the coolest moments in Dishonored concerns the Lord Regent. (Spoiler in this sentence!) If you choose to take the non-lethal route, you can actually get him arrested by the guards — so it seems as though there’s quite a bit of loyalty among the people and guards to Empress Emily by the time the plot of Dishonored wraps up.

Still, even with Corvo by her side, one has to assume that the political turmoil of Dunwall would continue. A number of powerful members of the aristocracy were not only complicit in the power-grab, they were also unceremoniously dispatched during the course of events. And Emily is still really young; it’s not crazy to assume there would be additional shady characters appearing in Emily’s life in an attempt to gain power in the new regime. Shady characters who would need to be…dealt with.

This scenario could also play into the plague cure, which could have its own political implications. Preventing the cure of the plague could be a powerful political tool.

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4 Comments on 5 Things We Want to See in Dishonored DLC


On October 23, 2012 at 11:31 am

That about the heart, that never occurred to me, the story/characters/setting is very good in this game, in my opinion. It seems like the developers put a lot of effort into the setting, you just have to look around, use the heart once in a while, read a bit, and you see just how rich it really is..


On October 23, 2012 at 3:56 pm

I want to see more difficulty for the no-stealth kill-everyone path. I liked the game, but was quite disturbed at how easy it was. Even at the highest difficulty setting I was able to 1-shot every single enemy with a crossbow or explosive bullet.

Hell, just sound an alarm, stand at the back of a corridor, aim head-height with crossbow, and mow down every enemy in the area as they mindlessly run at you. The frickin grenade-evading rats are the biggest challenge offered imo.


On October 25, 2012 at 4:27 am

I would like to see Corvo trying to set free de soul from the heart (as we know she was important to him). Perhaps he asks the Outsider and he demands Corvo to do some quests for him.


On October 26, 2012 at 5:02 pm

These are definitely things I’d like to see. The Outsider is probably my #1 as well, and DLC that really gets into whaling would be great since Dunwall is so dependent on it I was a bit surprised that we didn’t get to really see much of it. A new game plus was definitely something I thought would be a good idea, but as Phil said, it would probably require a new difficulty setting or some sort of dramatic change to the game since the early stages are designed with lower level skills in mind.