6 Things We’d Like to See in BioShock Infinite DLC

BioShock Infinite continues to kick up a lot of discussion as players, critics and even developers pick apart its many aspects, finding both positives and negatives. But it’s hard to deny that the game has quite a bit of resonance with players.

And now that the dust has settled a bit, it’s time to start thinking about Infinite’s future — that is, its impending DLC releases. We know the game will receive at least three DLC drops because Irrational Games and 2K Games have already sold players on a “season pass” stating as much. The website selling the season pass to players also promises “new stories, new characters, new weapons” in the packs, but we don’t know much about what Irrational has in store for us beyond that, or even when the DLC will be available.

So it’s time to start drawing up a wishlist. With BioShock Infinite’s many interesting themes, unexplored subplots and quantum-mechanical mischief, there’s plenty of fertile floating ground to till for cool ideas. Here’s what we’d like to see from BioShock Infinite’s DLC (Warning: Some of these are spoilery):

Enter the Handyman

From Phil Hornshaw: Somewhat glossed over in the course of BioShock Infinite are the Handymen, the huge Big Daddy stand-ins that wander Columbia and are pretty sucky to fight. Despite being an irritating bullet-sponge with hard-to-dodge movements and a lot of power, the Handymen are some of the most intellectually interesting characters in the city. What we know of Handymen is thin — they’re former regular dudes who have been roboticized through technology Jeremiah Fink borrowed from another universe (probably the Rapture universe, actually); the robotification process has saved at least one man from death after an industrial accident; the Handymen are in constant pain and possibly not fully in control of their actions.

Much like how BioShock sent the player to become (kind of) a Big Daddy and BioShock 2 explored the idea even more deeply, Infinite could easily expand on these tortured characters and deepen their role in the story, explain more about them, and lend them even more humanity. I don’t really want to fight them anymore — but I’d definitely like to talk to a few.

Meet Preston E. Downs

From Ian Miles Cheong: I’d like to see some of the characters in the Voxophones fleshed out in the DLC. Their stories are clearly loose ends that were left unaddressed in the main campaign. I could see players taking on the role of Booker as the hero of the Vox Populi as a possible DLC. Preston E. Downs, the hunter who scalps his prey, is also a good candidate, especially as he sets off for Comstock after the death of Booker in that version of the world.

Likewise, Vivian Monroe, a disciple of Slate’s, seems to have some unfinished business in Finkton.

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2 Comments on 6 Things We’d Like to See in BioShock Infinite DLC


On April 12, 2013 at 5:01 pm

1)Space weapons
2)Funny Looking weapons. EX. A Chicken as a gun that shoots eggs.
3)Protagonist Switcheroo. Use Elizabeth throughtout the game while Booker takes Elizabeths place.
4)Better ending clarification.
5)Coop – Use both Booker and elizabeth
6)A secret level where you fight a Big daddy and Big sister to save 5 little sisters


On April 25, 2013 at 4:03 pm

How about a DLC where a young Comstock travels to Rapture to get the plans for the Big Daddy (that will eventually be transformed into Songbird)?