7 Games to Make You Feel Like a Complete Bad-Ass

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

The original title in Ubisoft’s string of rebooted Prince of Persia games that landed on the last console generation, Sands of Time rewrote the book on environmental puzzles for many gamers, with some brilliantly conceived rooms and traps. Running across walls to leap onto beams and swing over gaps was crazy fun, and when you landed a particularly tough sequence of moves without reversing time or dying, flipped over an enemy, ran him through, and performed any number of other acrobatic feats, it was hard to find yourself resisting the urge to grin like an escaped mental patient. Lots of games throw acrobatic abilities into their mechanics; Sands of Time actually made you feel like you had to be good enough to use them.


The original Crackdown (I unfortunately never got a chance at its sequel) was a decent enough game, and although it had plenty of failings, it managed to excel in allowing players to build up and then utilize a great deal of bad-assery. Screw driving — spend enough time climbing and leaping and suddenly you were hurling yourself around the city like some kind of insane version of Superman, jumping over buildings, landing amid gang members and beating the living crap out of them, then leaping away just as abruptly. Scaling and traversing the city were easily Crackdown’s greatest strengths, but not to be discounted was the ability to grow your strength to the point that you could heave cars at bad guys at some distance.

Developer Realtime Worlds also brilliantly leveraged achievements to get players to do all kinds of bad-ass stuff, like trying to heave objects a certain distance, trying to climb up and then leap off really tall buildings, trying to drive through crazy stunts, and trying to kill people from cast distances. I can’t remember what Crackdown was about, but I remember punting a guy off a building and seeing him fly 200 yards.

Assassin’s Creed (Multiplayer)

Thought the climbing mechanics in the Assassin’s Creed series aren’t bad, they don’t hit the same level of awesome as those of the Prince of Persia series. Where AC bests its spiritual cousin is in combat, because there’s not much better than taking on six guards at a time by stepping clear of their attacks and impaling them on your sword using their own momentum. The AC games are filled with great moments in stabbing that make you feel like you’re amazing, and that’s just in the single-player campaign.

If you really want to kick up your bad-ass quotient, go get good at Assassin Creed: Revelations‘ multiplayer mode, in which you hunt and assassinate other players (and they you). The mode is 100 percent about outsmarting people and appearing less dangerous than you actually are. You score extra points if you look like a computer-controlled NPC than like another player. Totally outwitting people might be the greatest of bad-ass-creating events, other than…

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On April 18, 2012 at 8:55 pm

What about bulletstorm,Serious sam,boderlands,painkiller and much more fps :)