7 Things We Want From Batman: Arkham Origins

Driving the Batmobile and Other Vehicles

Every Batman movie has a chase, and those chases generally involve driving the Batmobile around. While Arkham Asylum had the Batmobile in it, you never had a chance to drive around—your only interaction with the car was defending it from a bunch of thugs who tried to scratch it. What’s an open world without the ability to drive around in it?

The Batmobile aside, the Batwing has been confirmed to have a presence in Arkham: Origins. Would players be able to pilot the aircraft and use it as more than just a fast travel mechanic? We certainly hope so.

Interactive Environments in Combat

Arkham Asylum and its sequel have been good at depicting Batman’s mastery in martial arts, but the one thing that’s been sorely missing from his repertoire is his ability to use the environment to his advantage during combat.

In this regard, Arkham Origins could stand to borrow from another open world game, Sleeping Dogs. For example, Batman should be able to throw bad guys into walls to knock them out, smash their heads into glass windows, or even knock them out with a chair. There’s little reason for Batman not to use every available item at his disposal to take out a large group of enemies. Beyond simply beating his opponents with his fists, Batman could even use the environment in combination with his gear. Shocking his enemies with a stun gun as they stand in a puddle of water could instantly knock them out.

Less of Joker, More of Everyone Else

The Batman universe contains a pantheon of interesting villains whose stories are enough to fill entire volumes of comic books. The Joker is regarded by many as Batman’s primary nemesis, but given the amount of attention he’s gotten in the two previous games, it’s high time other villains had the spotlight. Batman has many enemies—almost too numerous to count, and each of them could beef up the roster of villains he has to deal with throughout the game. How about an appearance by The Condiment King?

While it’s true that the previous Batman games gave plenty of love to lesser-known characters, much of the spotlight was dominated by the Joker. Give someone else the lead this time around.

Put it on a Next-Gen Console

Batman: Arkham Origins has only been confirmed for release on current-gen consoles and the PC thus far. As such, the game is both graphically and technically hamstrung by the limitations of existing platforms. Why not leverage its capabilities on the PC by maxing it out, and carry it forward to one, if not both of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft? It would even give PC gamers a better game.

Episodic Stories

The best thing about comic books is the way they’re paced. Chapters are essentially divided by issues, and multiple stories can take place within a single timeframe by splitting them into several different series of comics. If the game is to differentiate main quests from side stories, why not make it more evident? The game’s comic book origins should be used to its advantage.

The main campaign aside, the developers could extend the length of Arkham Origins by adding episodic missions, providing players with the opportunity to explore the origins of villains not part of the main storyline. It’d also give fans a lot more to chew on with DLC.

What would you like to see in Batman: Arkham Origins?

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9 Comments on 7 Things We Want From Batman: Arkham Origins


On April 11, 2013 at 7:36 pm

What I would have liked to have seen was another game from Rocksteady, but for whatever reason, that isn’t happening. I have to wonder why considering how well Rocksteady’s games turned out.


On April 11, 2013 at 7:47 pm

I read the Game Informer article on Batman Origins and it seems like Rocksteady is working on another “secret” project at the moment. The article implies that WB has Rocksteady’s blessing and support on this game but that WB has total control over the game’s development.

From what I read this game is everything I wanted in the next Batman game but the fact that Rocksteady isn’t in charge makes me uneasy.


On April 11, 2013 at 8:36 pm

Guess I was late. But the only thing I want to see is this game done by Rocksteady.
Stay tuned for the uproar this is going to cause. Ok one more thing and that is something like NIGHT OF THE OWLS.


On April 12, 2013 at 7:36 am

OK Ian i agree with most thing you have written, but it depend of what all of us expect of BAO to be, a full Gta like or what he’s already, a beat them all with stealth.
- In a huge open world it could have been great to drive the bat mobile but in most of the ancient games the situation just don’t permit it, close Asylum or Big prison .
- The use of the batarang maybe could have been a bit simplify, but most of is gadget are associated with each button completed by cross combination and can be use to reach crazy score in a single combo, even God of war or DMC are not so rich or maybe equal (i’ m not 100% sure), add more gadget imply a game pad with more button, or being a mutant ( they exist , they’re killing in Starcraft 2 ; ) .
-In the first Arkham the Bat use to go in his lair for upgraded his tools and that was short enough to not break the rhythm ,in the 2nd Alfred just send them, in a cool way… BTW, so too many access could’ve be long and useless for the game play, unless they forced it ( some wound to cure etc…), but they were probably don’t want to make a Gta like , but just a quick arcade game after all it’s more a beat them all than anything else, unless it change for origins of course so why not.
-Interactive fights environment they were already present in the 2nd (skulls smashing on the wall ,wall crawling for a hit,grapnel boost take down, etc…) yeah they could have do more but it will also cost more power, ram, whether it is … .time will tell.
-The villains and other featuring, yeah sound good to me ,the 2 Arkhams were rich enough for me ,
i think than the ” all in one” is the better way to ruin every thing, if you give all you got in one shot ,you will have nothing left, example how could have they explain that the bat in the prequel is more equipped that the bat in Arkham city? Unless of course he switch sometime, by the Batcave. BTW i hope they will have some summoning feature like ” THE” Man of steel, a bit like the special in the first Street of rage, it could be cool just after the release of the movie this year,Come on!! a 50hit combo finish by superman optic blast (non lethal of course), the Joker ?I’ m done with him.
-Episodic stories with a comics it’s possible because of the infinite enemy and plot, unlike ( this is a bit off topic) Assassin creed who seem to don’t have a main plot anymore, come on!!! “Assassin of the Caribbean “,what next “Assassin evil dead 2013″.

So frankly when i heard about a new Arkham, i wasn’t OK with it because it seem obviously about the same place, and after checking the first shots ,seeing the same henchman and place with just few modifications, i just get bored ,it could have been just a DLC if it wasn’t in the past ,i have no problem ( on PC ) with the Unreal E3 ,cause with : physx and tessellation, it’s perfect, plus the Bat strike at night so this engine still rock for dark atmosphere, we are now in a time of transition between hardware and engine so this game it’s probably a last hit for console actual gen’ s, the screenshot talk themselves, or they could have wait and let, Arkham to Gotham and make us a tons of DLC, with a huge city when the Bat could have punching the days and stealthy break bones at night.
Still i’ m just gonna wait and.
I hope than i have not double post, i got strange issue with my internet, so sorry if it happen.

Ron Whitaker

On April 12, 2013 at 10:24 am

@Goner – All taken care of!


On April 12, 2013 at 8:16 pm

thanks ; )


On April 15, 2013 at 11:51 am

I’d like to see more open world, Loved infamous and think a Batman game in that sort of open world could be a lot of fun.


On July 16, 2013 at 11:14 pm

I don’t really like the idea of one type of batarang, but only because that means he had better technology, then lost it. Everything else sounds genius, but from what I’ve heard, there’s no vehicles in this game (other than the batwing, which is more of a quicktravel thing.


On February 25, 2014 at 8:47 am

ok now i know that playing as batman is very interesting because ther is the action you can beat a lot of people ther. But i think is going to be more iteresting if you can play with bruce wayne too because its going to show gotham when its day. And the other problems Bruce Wayne have.Because its not only the batman side its Bruce Wane too after all.And the action to cotineu weeks or days because for only one night is boring.Or at least we can play with batman and Bruce Wayne both when ever we want. Thank you for reading.:)