9 Ridiculous Star Wars Games EA Should and Shouldn’t Make

While EA has a number of obvious picks for new games using the Star Wars license — Battlefront 3 from DICE, Star Wars 1313 from Visceral, and more Star Wars RPG content (either The Old Republic or otherwise) from Bioware — it is a large company with a lot of creative talent under the hood. Instead of going the obvious route and talking about the games everyone expects to get made — even though EA has yet to commit to any of them — we’ve decided to come up with a list of the best (and worst) of potential Star Wars games outside of the same old show. So here’s Game Front’s list of games EA should totally make (or never, ever consider) using the Star Wars license.

The Ridiculously Cool

For The Rebellion (James Murff)
Developer: Maxis

Before the events of A New Hope, countless Rebellion ships ran blockades and attempted to bring sensitive intel to the Rebel forces. Your ship, laden with some vital information about the Empire’s fleet, is one of those brave vessels. Perpetually chased by a group of Imperial Star Destroyers, the crew of your small ship must balance keeping themselves sane and moving toward the next Rebellion outpost, while fighting off Imperial attacks and helping the people they encounter. Developer Maxis offers a unique vision of life on the lam in space by adding simulation depth to the crew’s interactions. Each crew member has likes, dislikes, needs, and skills to bring to the fight for freedom. Comes with a sandbox mode for those that don’t want to be chased!

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Jedi Evangelical Expansion (Ross Lincoln)
Developer: BioWare

Take on the role of a devout Jedi bent on converting the entire galaxy to the one true faith. Your quests involve the establishment of a Jedi broadcasting holonetwork station to bring the message to the masses, lobbying the Senate to enact Force-based educational initiatives, and starting a war ostensibly about securing spice trading routes for the Republic, but actually intended to impose Jedi ideology on Sith worshippers.

Yoda: Unleashed (Mark Burnham)
Developer: DICE

Yoda: Unleashed is the spiritual successor to Mirror’s Edge, in which Yoda—stricken with grief and rage by the Empire’s cruelty—finally snaps, going on a parkour-fueled rampage with a lightsaber, f–king up everything and everyone in his path. Players can control Master Yoda as his most acrobatic and Force-ful, jumping incredible distances, flipping all over the place, and using The Force to manipulate his environment and crush foes.

The Imperial Shadow (Phil Hornshaw)
Developer: Crytek

In the early years of the rise of the Galactic Empire, Palpatine and Vader tighten their grip on the galaxy, cracking down on those systems that don’t fall in line. Meanwhile, small groups of resistance forces — mostly disparate, local insurgents — begin to take shape and organize. Bands of rebels, the last remnants of people loyal to the Republic, are doing their best to gather sympathizers and resist Imperial control. Among these are the espionage agents: the ones that are forced to infiltrate Imperial institutions at great personal risk, through a mix of subterfuge, intelligence-gathering, cunning and blind luck. Oh, and the occasional stealth takedown. A project from Crytek (and maybe with the help of BioWare), The Imperial Shadow is all about fighting to save the galaxy without anyone ever knowing you did anything at all.

Smuggler’s Run (Ron Whitaker)
Developer: Visceral, with the help of old Origin employees

As one of Jabba the Hutt’s wide array of smugglers, you’re tasked with moving his illicit cargos through Imperial lines. You’ll need to purchase new ships, outfit them with various upgrades and weapons, and even hire your own crew. Once you’ve got a ship and a crew, you’ll pick up a cargo and deliver it. Sometimes you won’t need to fire your weapons, as you can bribe Imperials to look the other way, arrange backroom deals for safe passage, or just outfit your ship for stealth. Other runs will find you embroiled in vicious space battles with the Imperial Fleet. You can also pick up side missions to transport cargo and/or people for profit. Just don’t let it interfere with Jabba’s schedule, or you could find yourself on the wrong end of his vengeance.

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7 Comments on 9 Ridiculous Star Wars Games EA Should and Shouldn’t Make


On May 7, 2013 at 7:13 pm

Not gonna lie, I might cave to EA for Yoda unleashed.


On May 7, 2013 at 7:48 pm

Actually Ross, the thought of Jedi Crusaders gives me a bit of a Star Wars chubby…of course you are a bloody hippie heathen so I’m sure your worldview would shatter or something equally pathetic.


On May 8, 2013 at 3:14 am

Two games I would love to see.

The first is a space sim is a blend between Tachyeon: The Fringe and Freelancer. It could be the Elder Scrolls in space. Completely open world (should I say galaxy) with a pretty good story to bind it all together. You start off life as a Smuggler and through out the course of the game you can trade goods, take part in assaults of military bases, civilian settlements, blockade runs ect…

The second is a game where you play a Jedi. However, the twist is unlike every other Jedi style game, you DON’T play the Galaxy’s most powerful Jedi. As a matter of fact, you’re not technically a “jedi” at all. This is post episode 3, so the council never came for you. You’ve live most of your life in hiding from the Empire. All of your powers are self taught and you’ve used those powers to get by on the streets. Im thinking something similar to Deus Ex in terms of gameplay. Honestly, more Human Revolution than original though without the godawful energy cell mechanic.

Both games would feature tons of unlocks and secrets, things that keep someone busy for months. The type of game that doesnt end an hour after finally getting all the cool abilities.


On May 8, 2013 at 4:26 am

Star Wars is for 20-stone eight year olds and 50 year old virgins. EA should bin the franchise and put all their attention behind a pay-as-you-play always-online Mass Effect FPS.


On May 8, 2013 at 10:36 am

@lol Trollololololololol


On May 8, 2013 at 1:55 pm

The picture at the end of Tie Fighter gave me some serious nostalgia. You really didn’t see a lot of flight shooters after that on the pc because after that, there was no point to making one, perfection had been reached.


On May 8, 2013 at 11:13 pm

I would buy what Axetwin suggests. Also- can we not ban “Lol”? Is there some sort if ‘ignore’ function on Gamefront if we can’t? “Lol” has never had anything constructive to say, and it’s getting kind of embarrassing for the human race that they keep TALKING. What about the aliens? WHY WOULD THEY COME AND SAVE US ALL IF LOL WAS A REPRESENTATIVE OF OUR RACE??? For the sake of us all, we must KILL LOL/GET LOL OFF GAMEFRONT!!