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titanfall expedition

Respawn Reveals Titanfall’s First DLC

Titanfall’s first DLC expansion will be called Expedition. Announced by Respawn during a panel at PAX East, the Expedition DLC...

Titanfall VR Would Make People “Barf”

Titanfall players shouldn’t expect VR support in the future. “I used to think there would be,” said producer Drew McCoy...

Private Matches Coming to Titanfall Today

Taking down an ejecting pilot in Titanfall is akin to Robin Hood’s splintered-arrow bull’s eye. Now do that 50 times...

Titanfall’s Weyland Yutani is the IMC

Weyland Yutani, the Resources Development Administration, and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. You probably recognize the first two evil fictional companies...
Titanfall 360

Titanfall for Xbox 360 Delayed Until April

Titanfall’s Xbox 360 version has been postponed until April 11th. The delay, according to Electronic Arts, is to give Bluepoint...