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Evochron Mercenary is the sequel to Evochron Legends and rounds out a trilogy in the series culminating in the game with the highest level of technology and most extensive feature set. It is a first person 3D space combat, trader, and exploration simulation with a primary focus on 'lone-wolf' survival gameplay.

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  • #5Guest Guest

    If you liked Microsoft FS or IL2 Sturmovik style Flight Sim's, then this should work for you, as it have everything, some what like the amount of controllability, and true physics modeling. It also has some great mods, and recognizes all the peripheral H.O.T.A.S. equipment controls you can throw at it. The Developer really responds to emails etc... I'm just getting started, but This is what Microsoft could have done, if the programmers were turned loose, with their real talent, and not rained in the way Bill gates, screws people is just pathetic.

  • Dutcher Dutcher

    Thnx for the update! :)
    beautiful screenshots btw

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  • #7Guest Guest

    Ahh, all these cool space sim games I would just love to have..... too bad I have a mac. No money 4 you!

  • #5Guest Guest

    Game die. Developer closed developer`s log.
    But will trust, game live, but no updates.


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    • SpaceSport SpaceSport

      Anyone on moddb?
      I seen some update, but very disappointed.
      Big planet, bug one, small texture for 40-50% of all terrain.
      Fly, fly, see the same!
      New textures of space objects like crumpled metal.
      So, that was, attempt to modify game by developer, but this is expansion without new quality, stretched pixels...

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  • Mushroomman Mushroomman

    It's sad how few people play such a good game.

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  • ChrPunx ChrPunx




  • Katana_ Katana_

    While I have to say this looks amazing, I don't feel like it warrants a $30 price tag.

    I guess I'll just wait to see if this ever goes on sale to get it.

  • Svenare Svenare

    any chance of this coming to desura?

  • MortifiedPotato MortifiedPotato

    is there please any cheats... it's the best space-simulation game but it takes much time..

    just a cheat for cash would be awesome..

    • seekers28 seekers28


      hi,where to subscribe?i want u to teach me the cheat for cash

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