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Scrolls is Mojang’s next game that aims to take the genre of Collectible Card Games to a whole new level. Streamlined gameplay aimed towards digital online gaming, auction houses, single-player campaigns and an array of multi-player gaming modes such as friendly matches, tournaments and ranked matches are only some of the features we are looking to implement to give the CCG-fans a never before seen online experience.

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Night snack

2hours ago by pgeuder

Progression of the warrior king? (Left to right) #AppAccidents

21hours ago by pgeuder

Just ate a mini tomato with ketchup on. I feel like I committed a crime against basic tomato rights.

Mar 28 2017 by carnalizer

Leaving the bar tonight to be adult tomorrow was difficult.

Mar 28 2017 by carnalizer

RT @slicedlime: Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.5 is here - finally bringing Command Blocks to PE! Here's an overview of the changes:

Mar 28 2017 by jonkagstrom

If I were a real artist, I'd want my style to be 'What if Leyendecker and Schmid had a child who painted fantasy art with the Zorn palette?"

Mar 27 2017 by carnalizer

Nailed it! (Credit: Arashi Yanagawa) #gundam

Mar 27 2017 by pgeuder

Don't tell, but this is the resulting stance from having an audio only budget meeting. #gundam

Mar 27 2017 by pgeuder

Stuff does not play out as planned. So many things you can't control One has to humbly embrace that.…

Mar 27 2017 by pgeuder

All things in all games, are abstractions, i.e. a representation of a thing - not a real thing. You must choose the level of abstraction.

Mar 26 2017 by carnalizer

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