Starpoint Gemini

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Starpoint Gemini is a role playing tactical simulation, set in a unique and diverse science fiction universe. Smart use of your upgradable skills and vessel is the key for success. As a player, you’re free to roam the rich and living Gemini star system and advance your avatar the way it suits your playing style the best. When you’re ready you can tackle the challenging campaign and discover what secrets this troubled system is hiding. Sift through the massive selection of ships and ship systems and create that perfect battleship you always wanted. To aid you in your quest, is a large selection of capable officers you can hire and gain special bonuses. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the depths of space.

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  • Joshua21B Joshua21B

    So after having to listening to the slow talking tutorial explain menus I accidently hit W causing my ship to move. I am then told I have been discharged for disobeying orders and have to start the tutorial over again. What kind of an idiot makes a design choice like this?

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  • xenotashin xenotashin

    Why buy it for 20$ when members of gamefly get it free?

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  • McKane McKane

    Anybody played Titan XCIX? It used this game for the outer space ship views, and when the asteroid hit it.

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  • ZechsMerquise73 ZechsMerquise73

    The combat interface is clunky and slow, the character creation was thrown together with the utmost laziness (the selectable hairstyles are just thrown onto the default style and they look bad to begin with). "Dr. Ridley" is the only character with average voice acting, everyone else has an uninterpretable Scandinavian accent.

    Basically, its a mockup of Star Trek Online's space combat. There are some interesting concepts, like boarding, tractor beams, SOS signals. However, the demo doesn't allow you to play the tutorial for some reason, thus I had little interest in really learning how to work the game's systems.

    The presentation is just plain bad. It might be a good game in the long run, but nobody will know if you don't make the opening parts somewhat interesting.

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  • PlateFox PlateFox

    I´d love to try a demo out.

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  • lol1234 lol1234

    I wish the game had a complete freeform "campaign", so you didn't have to do EVERYTHING to be able to do nothing...

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  • IndieBase IndieBase

    But the important questions atleast for me, and perhaps others aswell, will there be content updates for this game?

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    • tonylogan tonylogan

      Dev promised added content in an interview on RPGWatch. That’s why I bought the game.

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