A Megaton of Great Fallout: New Vegas Mods

Fallout: New Vegas has only been out for a week and in addition to doing absolutely boffo business, it also had pure win in the form of modding tools that were available within 24 hours of release. So did the Fallout community step up? Yes, they did, and we’ve got the proof. Read on and find out some of the best mods already available for Fallout: New Vegas.

PipBoy 3000 Faded Hot Rod Red

This first one is a trifle, but we like trifles. PipBoy 3000 Faded Hot Rod Red expands the customizable options for your Pip-Boy 3000 so that you can choose… faded hot rod red. As you can see, it’s pretty fabulous, and you can get a copy here.

Civil Defense Radio

This one’s a ton of hilarity. CONELRAD (Control of Electromagnetic [or Electronic] Radiation) was a type of emergency broadcasting during the Cold War days, designed for use in the event of enemy (USSR!!!) attack. It was intended to prevent Soviet bombers from locating American cities by use of radio or TV frequenciess, and to provide essential civil defense information.

Anyway, Civil Defense Radio plays 55 music tracks from the early Cold War era, and includes 29 authentic public service announcements from Civil Defense Washington. Priceless, and you can get it here.

Radio New Vegas Extender

Speaking of radio, this one vastly expands the increasingly monotonous1 Fallout series’ radio system, extending Fallout: New Vegas’s Radio New Vegas by 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 songs. You can also change to allow 6 songs to play before Mr. New Vegas cuts in and starts talking again. And if that isn’t hardcore enough, choose the 100+GNR version to include Fallout 3′s Galaxy News Radio songs Playlist. It’s a bargain at free of charge, and you can pick it up here.

Centered 3rd Person Camera

This mod solves the problems of everyone complaining about the wonky camera in New Vegas, by centering it, and allowing more options for where the camera can be positioned. Count me among those who don’t think Arkham Asylum ought to be the new standard for in game camera functions. I’ll be getting this one, and you should too.

Wasteland Explorer

Kind of a nifty idea, Wasteland Explorer was converted from creator BigMill’s original Fallout 3 Mod of the same name. it presents you with a new quest – titled Wasteland Explorer – that allows you to explore the wasteland without being shunted from quest to quest. There are no objectives other than to wander around and have non-plot related adventures, and might just be the perfect thing if you’re looking for the chance to familiarize yourself with the game’s many areas without the pressure of mission completion. Once installed, it’s accessible from your Pop-boy, and you can download it here.


1) Sorry, but it’s true. I am not hating on their awesome retro futuristic apocalypes, but they’re quickly running out of past. It gets kind of old hearing the same-sounding collection of 1930s-1950s music.

(Hat tip to Rip Ten and Neoseeker.

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