New GTA V Details: Gigantic, Ambitious, Crazy-Sounding

Happy National Murder Simulator Day, everybody! As predicted, details from Game Informer’s Grand Theft Auto V December cover story, released to online subscribers earlier today, have started slipping out in record time. So far, the plot and full cast of characters remains unknown, but what has leaked out suggests we’re in for an absolutely insane game that could be the best thing the series has ever produced, or a seriously weird example of fixing something that isn’t broken. Or both! Let’s find out!

Three Protagonists?

First up, the rumors that the game’s main character would be named Albert de Silva are officially debunked. It is now confirmed that GTA V’s three protagonists – revealed earlier this morning – are named Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael is described as a retired bank robber who went straight, only to be pulled back into to a life of crime ala Michael Corleone. Given that background, he’s almost certainly the narrator of the first GTA V trailer (which means I was horribly, horribly wrong when I wrote this.) Trevor is a middle-aged career criminal with a serious drug habit, so no doubt he’s the oily, balding guy with the assault rifle. Finally, Franklin is a young hustler in his 20s.

Each character will be developed distinctly. They’ll have their own personality, skill sets, and social group to interact with. About those social groups? Rockstar confirms this game is firmly set in the GTA IV continuity, and has no connection to the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy. Expect to see at least a couple of cameos from GTA IV, perhaps even the promotion of side characters to full supporting roles (the way several Vice City and GTA III characters were integral to the original San Andreas’ story.) Also, whomever The Game is voicing for GTA V, we now know it’s definitely not going to be B Dup.

The Characters, Three Stories?

When they say that these characters are co-protagonists, they mean it. According to Game Informer, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between characters at what sounds like any point in the game. Further, it was clarified that ‘some’ missions will involve all three of them together, during which you’ll be able to switch back and forth depending on how you want to complete the mission. This means that other missions are solo for these characters. Whether this indicates that the game forces you to change perspective depending on where you are in the game, or if each character has a distinct, play-alone arc, ala the separate but intertwined stories of Episodes From Liberty City, remains to be seen.

Given the immense size of GTA V, I am willing to entertain the idea that we’re looking at something like the GTA IV-iverse, only contained in a single game. Rockstar claims that this is the biggest open world they’ve ever made, the size of Red Dead Redemption’s New Austin + Northern Mexico, the state of San Andreas as it existed in its eponymous game, and GTA IV’s version of Liberty City combined. That’s absolutely gigantic, more than enough room for each character to exist in their own area of Los Santos. It would be a remarkable way of ensuring a unique experience every time you play.

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3 Comments on New GTA V Details: Gigantic, Ambitious, Crazy-Sounding


On November 8, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Until the PC version is announced and confirmed to be coming GTA V is in my “Yeah, it’s interesting but I don’t really care about it” pile.

Rockstar did a awesome job on the PC version of Max Payne 3. It ran well, it looked ing fantastic, had a lot of PC specific improvements and if GTA V PC is on par with Max Payne 3 in the PC Port department then I see no issues and I will gladly shell out $60 for GTA V PC.


On November 8, 2012 at 8:06 pm

I’m surprised someone didn’t like the driving in GTAIV. It was my favourite driving in any open-world game.


On November 8, 2012 at 8:58 pm

I didn’t have trouble driving in 4, but it’s not like there isn’t room for refinement. No surprise to hear about shooting refinements since that aspect has always been something of a work in progress for Rockstar. I do hope that whatever customization options we have will have more tangible benefits. Once I bought a suit for one of the missions in 4, I never had any reason to change to something else. Something like having various uniforms that operate as disguises that can be used at any time might be interesting. Hearing that there will be more missions like the bank robbery in 4 is great since that mission was by far my favorite in that game. The return of random encounters is also good since those offered incentive to just wander around and see what you could find. And I’ll be curious to see what we will be able to do with our money, since one point of annoyance I have with most games that have some sort of economy is that I end up stinking rich with nothing to spend the money on.