Abyss Odyssey: How to Conquer Nightmare Mode – Tips & Tricks

Unlock the new “Grandmaster” achievement/trophy and truly conquer the underworld in Abyss Odyssey with our Nightmare Mode tips and tricks. The game is tough enough, but Nightmare makes everything a challenge.

Bring an end to the procedurally-generated madness with some help from GameFront. This isn’t the only roguelike we’ve tackled — just watch as Mitch struggles against an endlessly re-arranging temple in his Spelunky video walkthrough. For more secrets and unlockable characters in ACE Team’s latest, browse through the list of Abyss Odyssey cheats.

How to Conquer Nightmare Mode – Tips & Tricks

The biggest challenge in Abyss Odyssey is it’s new Nightmare difficulty mode. Everything is tougher, so we’ve pulled together tons of tips to help you stay alive and fight the beast at the bottom of the Abyss.

  • Money carries over between each instance of the Abyss. Prepare for your final run by hoarding cash — play through small runs, fail, then play again until you’ve earned plenty of cash. Don’t spend it until you plan on attempting a serious run.
  • Once you’ve earned enough cash, try re-starting on the Pocuro Park or Cathedral point. From there you can purchase new badges or souls quickly.
  • Don’t forget that maps can be re-rolled before entering. Press [B/Circle/Esc] then [A/Cross/Space] to make a new randomized map appear before entering. Keep doing it to get the best possible combo. You can earn XP or gold for future runs by generating better maps.
  • Item Shops are often difficult to reach. Unless you need Health Potions, sometimes it’s best to avoid out-of-the-way shops completely. Nightmare Mode increases the price of items, many of which won’t help in the long run.
  • Sometimes it’s better to kill a merchant then purchase from them. Select the “Fight” option and defeat the merchant. Not only will you unlock the “Thief” achievement / trophy, you’ll also gain tons of XP.
  • Leveling up will earn back free health — very useful, and Merchants reward you with lots of XP. Give money to Jackal for XP. If you’re about to level up, this is another good way to earn back health.
  • While exploring the Abyss, always be on the lookout for more powerful souls. If you can capture them, do it so you’ll have a full-health creature to use in combat.
  • If a Monument Altar appears and you’re already low on health / items / souls, sacrifice yourself and swap places with your follower then resurrect at the altar for full health.
  • When leveling up, try to fill the Mana percentage for your special moves first. Full mana will help immensely — earning creature souls gives another chance at life, as well as giving you the ability to hurt multiple enemies at once without much effort.

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