AC4: Black Flag – Abstergo E-mail Easter Eggs

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While exploring the modern offices of Abstergo Entertainment in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, hacking into computers will reveal some tantalizing Easter eggs all about the franchise, the future, and other Ubisoft properties. Prepare to get meta. Check out all the elucidating info below.

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Abstergo E-mail Easter Eggs

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The Fate of Desmond Miles

Hacking one of the Abstergo computers reveals what happened to Desmond Miles after AC3. Check out the video above, but beware of AC3 spoilers!

A Connection to Watchdogs?

In Watchdogs, the player must battle the nefarious Blume Corporation, the creators of the all-encompassing security system ctOS which the protagonist hacks to pull off all those amazing technological feats.

Reading through Abstergo e-mails in the modern day setting of Black Flag, players can find images of a presentation from Blume with clipped notes. The particular Abstergo employee seems skeptical, but impressed.

Meta-Ubisoft References

In another e-mail, the protagonist can discover a conversation between two Abstergo bosses. Abstergo Entertainment is looking for new time periods to sell, sequenced from Desmond Miles’ ancestral memories.

During the conversation, one employee complains about the tight deadlines; one new “virtual experience” per year.

In the same e-mail, the writer asks whether there’s enough compelling material to create a spin-off. They state that the previous product was successful enough to allow for a “Liberation” product — a reference to Assassin’s Creed 3′s Vita spin-off, Liberation.

Potential Assassin’s Creed Setting Options

Later on, there’s a list of other potential historic periods, including some from the previous games in the series. Here’s the full list:

  • Patrilineal Line
  • Fifteenth Century – Italian Renaissance
  • Sixteenth Century – Ottoman Empire
  • Eighteenth Century – American Colonies / War of Independence
  • Nineteenth Century – New England and American Midwest
  • Matrilineal Line
  • Twelfth Century – Holy Land / Crusades
  • Thirteenth Century – Egypt and Northern Africa
  • Fourteenth Century – Ashikaga Shogunate in Japan
  • Eighteenth Century – French Revolution
  • Nineteenth Century – Napoleonic wars; Taiwan
  • Twentieth Century – “Summer of Love” American Pacific Coast
  • When discussing Quebec as an option, one of the employees comments that a beautiful city without “Pirates, Ninjas, or Zombies” probably wouldn’t be that compelling.

    Found any other Easter Eggs? Let us know in the comments!

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