Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Nightmare
  • Mission 2: Inferno
  • Mission 3: Red Moon
  • Mission 4: Spooky
  • Mission 5: Blue on Blue
  • Mission 6: Power Play
  • Mission 7: Lock and Load
  • Mission 8: Pipeline
  • Mission 9: Siege
  • Mission 10: Hostile Fleet
  • Mission 11: Launch
  • Mission 12: Motherland
  • Mission 13: Aftermath
  • Mission 14: Home Front
  • Mission 15: Hurricane
  • Mission 16: Akula
  • Mission 1: Nightmare

    1. Just as the introduction cutscene ends, you’ll be prompted to enter dogfight mode (DFM). Tap the shoulder buttons in unison while the green circle flashes around your target enemy.
    2. This is just an introduction to DFM, so there isn’t much you need to do yet. Just be aware of some of the key aspects of DFM you’ll need to know for later. At this stage, you’ll automatically follow your targeted enemy from behind.
    3. The large green circle is called the assault circle. Keep your opponent aircraft inside the assault circle until the green bar on the radius circles around, and changes the assault circle from green to red. When the assault circle is red, you’re locked on. Fire missiles or your chosen special weapon – pick carefully, you only get one shot before you’ll need to lock-on again.
    4. While in DFM, your machine gun and missiles are far more effective, and harder for the enemy to dodge. There are drawbacks to DFM, which will be discussed in detail as they appear.
    5. Once your enemy crashes and burns, take some time to acquaint yourself with Assault Horizon’s jet controls. This isn’t a hardcore flight simulator, and it’s obvious. Arcade action all the way, with a huge stock of missiles and regenerating vehicle health.
    6. Get used to acceleration and deceleration. While accelerating, you’re faster, and can outrun your enemies and missiles, but your turning speed is sluggish. While decelerating, you’ll gain more turning maneuverability, at the expense of speed.
    7. Decelerating is a great way to follow enemy aircraft as they pass, as you can quickly turn to face them. Just don’t decelerate for too long, or your aircraft will stall and you’ll drop out of the sky like a sack of bricks.
    8. Pound down on the acceleration if you’re stalling out to catch air again.
    9. Now is when a group of bandits will show up on your radar, which will automatically switch between close-range or long-range radar depending on your target’s vicinity.
    10. Follow the on-screen prompt to manually target your first bandit. To switch between targets, just keep pressing the targeting button to cycle through any nearby enemies.
    11. Orient yourself to your targeted bandit, and keep it on-screen long enough to lock-on. A red square with a red diamond indicates you have successfully locked-on to your target. Try to either fire rockets that will follow or lead your opponents, and never fire from too far out or your opponent will easy accelerate out of range.
    12. Shoot down both bandits with your missiles. Give your machine gun a try, you have infinite ammunition for the machine gun, but it will overheat, and it does minimum damage to bandits, best only used for situation where an enemy can’t be locked-onto.
    13. After both bandits are down, an enemy will engage in DFM with you. You’ll see a large red circle hovering around the screen – that’s the enemy’s assault circle. Stay out of it, while accelerating or sharply slowing down to escape your pursuer.
    14. Next up, you’ll face off against TGT_LEAD. These types of enemies pop up in almost every fighter sortie, and they’re dangerous for a reason. They’ll try to use DFM against you, and they’re only vulnerable to DFM themselves.
    15. TGT_LEAD aircraft are ace pilots, trying to hit them with missiles or special weapons at long-range will only result in them evading or popping flares to escape a missile strike.
    16. To defeat TGT_LEAD aircraft, you’ll have to approach them and enter into DFM to shoot them down. They’ll still try to use flares, but you shouldn’t have many problems with TGT_LEAD bandits yet, there will be problems later, though.
    17. After blasting the first TGT_LEAD, follow the same method with the second. They’re alone, and the second lead only try harder to escape, he won’t touch you.
    18. A third TGT_LEAD will show up in his SU-35. Get in close and use DFM to take him out. As you do, another bandit will sneak in from behind and enter DFM with you.
    19. There’s two methods to escaping DFM; the first is dodging the assault circle until you can solve your pursuer, the second is by countering an enemy DFM.
    20. Look on your screen, you’ll see two chevrons, one is green and the other is red. They represent your distance from the enemy aircraft. Make the two chevrons line up and you can counter enemy DFM with your own DFM.
    21. Chasing down your new enemy, three more planes will show up and the on-screen prompt will ask you to switch. Let the 4AAM lock-on to all four enemy planes before firing, it’s very destructive weapon.
    22. Switch targets and fly towards the Miami coastline, then engage the TGT_LEAD in DFM. Shoot him down, you’ll switch between targets as you go, but don’t worry, you’ll continue to stay in DFM as long as targets are nearby and on your screen.
    23. Take them out, and look out for another bandit trying to enter DFM with you. Four more bandits will appear, which is a good time to give your 4AAM special weapon another try. After that, another four bandits appear. Use 4AM again, you won’t run out of ammo this early.
    24. Continue to knock down bandits until another TGT_LEAD shows up. Enter DFM, and learn a little more about it.
    25. While in DFM, the closer you are to your opponent, the larger your assault circle, making them easier to target. But, get too close and the enemy could counter DFM and appear right behind you, which isn’t good for anyone.
    26. Weight your options, but for here, just accelerate and get in close. A quick kill is better than a slow one. More planes are showing up now anyway, and eventually you’ll reach a TGT_LEAD that must be attacked while in DFM. Three of his buddies will appear, so let loose with the 4AAM.
    27. With TGT_LEAD destroyed, a timed event will pop-up on-screen. Hit the prompt, then hit the prompt again to complete the mission.
    28. Gunner Sequence:
    29. During this opening mission, you’ll be shooting from the door gun of a helicopter. Just spray down your enemies with gunfire.
    30. Zoom in on your opponents and blast them if you’re having a hard time spotting. Try to hit the RPG soldiers first, they’re tricky to spot, and tend to hang out on rooftops.
    31. There isn’t too much to worry about here, just shoot any enemy that moves. At one point, one of the Blackhawks will be hit, while a swarm of shooters will charge the crash site. Just keep shooting to clear the enemies out and protect the site.
    32. The crashed bird won’t last long, and you’ll continue out towards a depot. Blast the Hind-D first, and make sure to clear the roof of the large building ahead covered with rebel shooters. It won’t be long now to the end of this sequence.

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    13 Comments on Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Walkthrough


    On November 7, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Thanks for sharing this Walkthough , please iam stuck with markov (the last chapter)this bastard cannot be beat any further solutions yet..

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On November 7, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Hey David,

    Markov is really tough! The best solution I’ve found for defeating him is; you’ll want to close in during DFM (Dog-Fight Mode), and get very close. Get in as close as you can, and Markov will try to use the Counter-Maneuver on you. Meaning: He’ll try to spin around and shoot you from behind.

    When Markov tries to do that, a big RED TRIANGLE will appear over your HUD. Normally it’s green, meaning you can perform a Counter-Maneuver. When the triangle is red, hit the same buttons as you would to Counter-Maneuver, and instead, time will slow down and let you shoot up Markov with your machine gun, doing some extreme damage.

    That’s the best way I’ve found for defeating him, without it he’s very tricky to hit. Another method is to just slow down, and you might be able to follow him from behind without losing him, but he’s very hard to hit with missiles.

    Generally, I find it best to use the machine gun on him. There is a point where missiles will work. When Markov goes in for his final bombing approach on the White House, he’ll slow down and won’t weave around, this is the perfect time to hit him with missiles and all of your special weapons.

    Otherwise, this battle takes a lot of skill and patience. Goodluck, and I hope that helps you!


    On February 3, 2012 at 5:57 am

    hi, I’m stuck in this mission…especially when i get locked on by missile and cannot escape, even i have push LB & RB button (to DFM mode, counter manuvers).. i still get hit…i think i do wrong move, but still don’t understand what to do, when we got locked on by missile..please help..thanks


    On February 18, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    At the last level, and just like always the F&$%^^ng level is near impossible to beat. I hate freekin games that do that. Why cant you just make it challenging but not near impossible, I never finished the LAST FU&*^&#%%^ng game for this exact same reason….. What a Piece of SH^$%#T thing to do.. After a while its just a stupid game of repeating repeating repeating the same crap…until you get so fed up you just shelf the game being left completely unsatisfied… This is the last time I play this franchise… AS#^$%les… I’m am glad I did not pay for it…


    On March 19, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    im having troible destroying the ICBM, what aircraft is recomended? please help.


    On March 19, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Hey Zach!

    I recommend the Raptor for quick-turning capabilities, and the 4AM as your secondary weapon. It should help you quickly target even a single enemy. The ICBM can be tricky to target, but the 4AM should auto-target the sucker.


    On July 5, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    The last checkpoint in Siege is ridiculous. You have to kill all the tanks coming in, meanwhile the planes won’t get off your ass, not to mention all the SAM batteries with the tanks. You have a total of probably like 2 minutes before the timer on the mission runs up and the “take the base” (with one ing tank that barely got it)

    This is frustrating and quite frankly not fun at all. This is either a bug of some sort to have it timed so poorly or a very poor level design.


    On October 18, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    no tips on what plane to use or its load out???

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On October 18, 2012 at 1:37 pm


    Plenty! Most of the time, the specific plane or load out doesn’t matter. When it does, we make special note of it in the walkthrough text. Do you need help with a specific mission?



    On April 30, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Totally agree with @Jordan


    On November 20, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    I got past the first base but after that there are no more targets.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On November 20, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    @Name*: In which mission are you encountering this problem?


    On April 5, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    This is Some of the Stupidest I’ve Seen in Any of these Shoddy in’ Games. I Don’t know Why they Decided to Give Enemy Jets the Ability to Absorb the Impact of 50+ Missiles & Bob & Weave through the in’ Sky like a Alien Drone or Some Such Galactic Technology Type That Let’s you Defy the Laws of Physics. The DFM Is in Ridiculous Outright with the Way Moves During It, it Looks Retarded, As in, In Complete Defiance of Physics. Even IF The Jet COULD Do That, the Pilot Would be Crushed…