MODEL: TSUGUMI HIKASHIJUJO Release 1.02, 03-05-00 - This model is from CYBER TEAM in AKIHABARA like Hibari, my previous model. She is a friend hibari studying in the same school. Since she was young, she has learned martial arts because of her parents' influence. But she wants to be an pop singer. Author: OmegaLE, - Please don't ask me such a tough question, like "How to create model?". If you really want to know check these out COLD FUSION: HL player model center WAVELENGTH (I'm not sure about this URL. My com's just formatted so I lost all the bookmark.) !: - DO NOT SELL THIS #$&) FOR $$$. - NO PAYMENT IS MADE IF THIS MODEL INFLICT ANY DAMAGE ON YOUR COMPUTER, YOURSELF OR WHATEVER RELATED. New in 1.02 - Fix some animation gliches. - Make skin more seamless. - Repaint team color. Model Advantage/Disadventage: - Big head. - Her body is a little smaller than normal models. Mesh Resolution: 916 faces 497 vertrices - 6 more vertrices were added in version 1.02...

Tsugumi Hikashijujo

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