Age of Conan One of the Fastest Selling PC Games of All Time


Funcom has announced that Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is shaping up to be one of the fastest selling PC games of all time. Half of the visitors to Hyboria, over 400,000 of them come from North America. The record pre-orders for the game have translated to financial dividends.

“The initial sales and reviews are very encouraging, and it’s great to see that so many are enjoying Age of Conan,” said Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “This is just the beginning, and we already look forward to massive updates and cool new features. We believe our focus on making Conan unique and groundbreaking is a key reason for the initial success. This is a focus we will keep and reinforce, and players can expect continued quality and innovation as we enter a new era for the game.”

Over 2,2 million unique visitors have checked out the official Age of Conan website this week, in response to the rave reviews on this mature game that promises gamers a savage, bloody, sexually charged romp that Robert E. Howard would have been proud of.

via Business Wire

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9 Comments on Age of Conan One of the Fastest Selling PC Games of All Time


On May 26, 2008 at 8:37 pm

world of warcraft can burn in a flaming hell that all generic mmos go to. long live AOC


On May 26, 2008 at 10:03 pm

I can’t find this game at any local dept. store or mall game shop. Certain stores also refuse to sell computer games because of the fact they can’t resell them to fatten profits. I understand this since Gamestop and what not make almost all of their money via tradeins and previously played sales, but Game Crazy and Funco refusing to cater to computer gamers is ridiculous, at least Gamestop I can still find computer games at (and don’t ever change please GS, I still have fond memories of the sweet smell of floppy disks in the air at Software Etc. as a kid as I went to buy the latest Space Quest or Might and Magic game).

Oh yea I used to work for Game Crazy and they trained me as a manager but never opened my store on schedule so I got laid off and the face manager at the store I trained in took that job because it was way closer to his own home and I know him and the regional manager were in cahoots to do that so I have a vendetta against them.

Still, I wish Funcom would make available the game for online purchase. I have my $50 bones to pluck down, but I can’t get a hard copy of this anywhere. I can download the 13GB client in about 45 mins with Comcast Blast 16Mbps. Kinda dumb of them to not fill a supply on an actual contender to WoW. I knew about this game in late 2006 and I was still a WoW head, but I told all my guildmates, just wait until Age of Conan, and Crysis. Well by the time Crysis came out I had stopped WoW and pretty much lost contact with those guys but I knew that AoC was something special. I really fail to see why I have to go buy a hard copy of a computer game of any type in this day and age. I understand completely about console games, but people who know about this kind of stuff and have a decent connection to the web or can wait for a long download should not be subjected to retarded out of stock signs for computer games at Wal Mart. Give us the option to sit at home and download our .

I guess I am really mad because since frigging 2006 I have been waiting for this game, telling everyone I know about it, changing my WoW music to the music from Conan the Destroyer and rerolling a Tauren Warrior with a ginormous sword just to get a feeling for Conan, and signing up for every newsletter and beta test just to be passed over. Kinda sucks for me since I don’t ever preorder, but still, I just want to play, right now…

I am glad that there might actually be a game worth my monthly fee though, and glad for the success of Funcom.


On May 26, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Guild Wars w/ different instancing + blood + subscription fee



On May 26, 2008 at 11:55 pm

I see a lot of the good old OMG WOW IS POPULAR THERE FOR IF I HATE IT THEN IT MAKES ME COOL!!! Morons. Did I play wow, yes I did for awhile. Well I go back? No way in hell. Was in my first mmo? Oh hell no. But the thing that strikes me is what ever game does out do WoW people will automatically whine about it. I

I have no problem with people liking AoC, to each their own but this being the internet people have to do their Nazi minded opinions on everybody,but I tried this game and thought it was pure crap. Though I don’t like pvp much in mmos, cause for one I don’t need to make up for life issue by ganking somebody 10000 levels lower then me… (which no matter how you whine about it, its not justifiable) and before you whine about me not giving this game a chance, I was in beta for awhile.

Incoming death threats, mass cussing etc…


On May 27, 2008 at 9:19 am

I want to try this, but there is no free trial, only the buddy key system. Plus I’ve heard its 30gb. Anyone know if this is true?


On May 27, 2008 at 12:05 pm

32 gigs to be exact.

I played wow since closed beta before this game launched and I like it much better. It takes a little time to get used the the play style and differences in interface but is very polished for a new MMO release. Although every MMO on release has it’s bugs as does AoC currently

If you have a capable computer, I’d suggest giving this game a try


On May 27, 2008 at 2:48 pm

On a related note, you too can own the very sword Conan wielded in the movie!


On May 27, 2008 at 3:28 pm

I’m kinda interested in this game but wish they had a free trial or something. Not sure the setting will be to my liking.


On June 25, 2008 at 6:54 am

I’ve played the game with 4 chars, one in each archetype, up to 4xlevel 30+ and all I can say it’s a boring, repetitive grind. Oh and the game is full of bugs. I’m not paying for a product that didn’t even hit open beta testing stages yet where it comes to developement. If you look at youtube vids of the game, that’s pretty much all there is to it. Run around kill stuff using your same combos/spells that you don’t get to pick yourself (you get them as you level) over and over again. Yes, I’ve quit playing. Eye candy alone doesn’t do it for me. Eye candy, yet skill animations and sounds are pathetic nonetheless.

All they had was an excellent marketing strategy making the first 20 levels of the game really interesting, full of content with talking NPCs so professional game reviewers would all go lyrical about it, and many peeps would buy the game also in the promise of “cool fatality moves” and a pixellized boob here and there… But after that the game becomes an uninspired, aimless drag where you have to relog your machine every few hours because of a memory leak bug they can’t manage to update out of the game, and the quest log doesn’t hold too many quests so can’t just take em all at once and wipe entirely areas in a go, they make you have to manually walk back to take quests in portions and walk back again and walk back and again and again and zzz…….

One waste of money, one sorry excuse for something that could’ve been really cool if they’d only had a few more creative brains over at funcom’s. Game binned, “next”…