Alan Wake Coffee Thermoses


You’d be hard pressed to find a professional writer who wasn’t addicted to Java, and Alan Wake is no exception. The eponymous protagonist of Remedy Entertainment’s new psychological thriller has 100 thermoses available to him, scattered throughout the game. Find them all (and nab the achievement) by consulting this complete guide (after the jump).

Number Episode Location
1 One: Nightmare Next to the hole, by the ruined covered bridge
2 One: Nightmare In the old military bunker by the base of Rain Cove Point trail
3 One: Nightmare On a log bench, on the Rain Cove Point Lighthouse promontory
4 One: Nightmare On top of a kitchen trolley, between the kitchen and the restroom corridor, in the Oh Deer Diner
5 One: Nightmare The Vista view by the hired SUV, overlooking Cauldron Lake
6 One: Nightmare Resting on the side counter inside the kitchen of the Bird Leg Cabin on Diver’s Isle
7 One: Nightmare On the ground, by the pickup truck, in the log maze of the first logging camp
8 One: Nightmare The end of a small boulder island, in the middle of the rushing river
9 One: Nightmare The far corner of the second timber yard, on a small boulder
10 One: Nightmare Resting on the outcrop overlooking the third logging camp, just over the ridge
11 One: Nightmare Behind the rocks on the promontory in the woods, between the second and third logging camps
12 One: Nightmare Sitting on the caterpillar tracks of the rusting yellow crane in Biltmore’s logging yard
13 One: Nightmare On the concrete base of Stucky’s Gas station sign
14 One: Nightmare By the jackknifed truck at the tunnel entrance, beyond Stucky’s Gas Station
15 Two: Taken In Alice’s office in their Manhattan apartment
16 Two: Taken On the table in the radio room at the Sheriff station
17 Two: Taken On the exterior loading dock behind the Sheriff station parking lot
18 Two: Taken On the kitchen pass-through in the visitor’s center
19 Two: Taken On the kitchen counter inside Rusty’s hilltop cabin
20 Two: Taken On the steps of the hot-tub, on the deck of Rusty’s hilltop cabin
21 Two: Taken Inside the storage shed, close to the visitor center and ranger office
22 Two: Taken At the foot of a tree, behind the ranger office
23 Two: Taken Sitting on a rock shelf overlooking the Tree Ring, near the vandalized phone booth
24 Two: Taken Next to the Tree Ring, on the picnic table
25 Two: Taken Behind the information sign by Lovers’ Peak
26 Two: Taken In one of the remote trapper huts close to the crashed plane
27 Two: Taken Up on the narrow rocky promontory overlooking the water mill deathtrap
28 Two: Taken On a small table, on the raised area at the back of the room on the middle floor of the Old Mill
29 Two: Taken On a picnic table in the campground
30 Two: Taken On the blocked road, right of the campground, by the jackknifed big rig
31 Two: Taken On the picnic table in the small grassy area near the tunnel, below the the visitor center
32 Three: Ransom Placed on the picnic table near the fallen yacht in the trailer park
33 Three: Ransom On the kitchen work surface inside Rose’s trailer
34 Three: Ransom On the stove, inside the first ranger station
35 Three: Ransom Out on a boulder on the hilltop plateau across from the ranger station
36 Three: Ransom On the concrete footing of the radio station sign
37 Three: Ransom Up on the cliff edge above the radio station, close to the mast
38 Three: Ransom Inside the small shed, on the rough woodland path near the old barn
39 Three: Ransom On top of the pallets in the train depot storage yard
40 Three: Ransom Stuck between the grain silo’s foundation and footing near the train depot exit
41 Three: Ransom Set on the wing-back chair, on the cliff vista, by the destroyed bridge
42 Three: Ransom At the blocked mine entrance near the exhibits and parking lot
43 Three: Ransom Sitting on a metal shelf in the mine storage warehouse
44 Three: Ransom Set on the wing-back chair, top floor of the second mine warehouse
45 Three: Ransom On the end of the partially collapsed bridge, just before the river
46 Three: Ransom Inside the red barn, near the sinkhole
47 Three: Ransom On a railway sleeper inside the barn building, at the Ghost Town
48 Three: Ransom Behind the lean-to shack by the rusting windmills, by the possessed train
49 Three: Ransom In a narrow alcove passage, before the elevator puzzle, inside the mine
50 Three: Ransom On the flat rock jutting out, just left after the rope bridge
51 Three: Ransom By the gate in the overgrown garden, at the foot of the ruined building
52 Four: The Truth In Cauldron Lake Lodge, on the front reception desk
53 Four: The Truth In CLL, on the mezzanine balcony rail
54 Four: The Truth In CLL, storeroom windowsill, next to Hartman’s office
55 Four: The Truth Lodge gardens, on the stone walkway to the main driveway
56 Four: The Truth Lodge gardens, inside Birch’s gazebo
57 Four: The Truth Lodge gardens, on the stone wall of the raised middle of the garden
58 Four: The Truth Around a small crate atop the cart platform
59 Four: The Truth At the abandoned campground, near the tents
60 Four: The Truth On the window frame of the ruin, near Walter’s cabin
61 Four: The Truth By the kitchen sink, inside Walter’s cabin
62 Four: The Truth By the rusting tractor, along the trail road to the farm compound
63 Four: The Truth Next to a rusting tractor on Anderson’s heath, by the trail junction
64 Four: The Truth On top of the control panel, near the Old Gods stage
65 Four: The Truth On one of the bleachers, near the Old Gods stage
66 Four: The Truth On the table by the rusting car in the big barn
67 Four: The Truth On a shelf two floors up in the silo barn/garage
68 Four: The Truth In the downstairs restroom, in the Anderson’s farmhouse
69 Four: The Truth In the kitchen, in the Anderson’s farmhouse
70 Five: The Clicker In the station, close to Deputy Grant’s desk on a filing cabinet
71 Five: The Clicker Sitting on the corner of the information kiosk, on the wharf
72 Five: The Clicker The Oh Deer Diner serving area, in the middle of the floor
73 Five: The Clicker Near the chemical toilet and dump truck at the end of Harbor Street
74 Five: The Clicker On the table close to the rusty grill behind the auto shop and town hall
75 Five: The Clicker In the small kitchenette off the mayor’s office
76 Five: The Clicker In the bookshop window, near the potted plants
77 Five: The Clicker By the kiddie sandbox in the park, close to the seesaw
78 Five: The Clicker In the corner of the church crypt, opposite the entrance steps
79 Five: The Clicker Edge of the parking space at the foot of the fire station training tower
80 Five: The Clicker On the concrete barrier in the grass, right off the warehouse entrance
81 Five: The Clicker Sitting on a stack of concrete pipes, near the exit to the warehouse
82 Five: The Clicker By the mesh fence, on the pallet in the transformer yard
83 Five: The Clicker In the grass by the first bridge control booth
84 Five: The Clicker On the sofa inside the second bridge control booth
85 Five: The Clicker At the Power Plant exterior entrance, by the security hut, over in the corner
86 Five: The Clicker Tucked away near a low bookcase, inside Weaver’s room
87 Five: The Clicker Inside the giant concrete tube by the dam elevator
88 Five: The Clicker On the edge of the cliff, right of the damn elevator exit
89 Five: The Clicker Inside the dam fortification, on a shelf at the bottom of the spiral stairs
90 Six: Departure On the picnic table at the scenic vista area
91 Six: Departure By the crate, at the corner of the barn in the pasture, close to the tunnel
92 Six: Departure In the reception restroom of the Majestic Motel
93 Six: Departure In the top field farmer’s cottage, on the porch steps, after the garage barn
94 Six: Departure Inside the yard manager’s garage, on the ground floor metal shelving
95 Six: Departure Scrapyard, to the the right of the ramp, on a pallet near the storage overhang
96 Six: Departure Inside the Holloway and Co. building, on a shelf, in the ghost town
97 Six: Departure Far side of the mine cart bridge, on top of a covered platform
98 Six: Departure Inside the upper end of the fallen rail carriage, under the burning tree
99 Six: Departure At the base of the windmill, on the grass at the front of the encampment
100 Six: Departure Following the idea of the Coffee Thermos as it was created, near the sofa

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