Alan Wake Dev Says Next Gen Consoles Are Awesome

It will be some time before we lowly consumers get our hands on the next generation of consoles. Unless Nintendo surprises everyone and releases Wii U this holiday season, we’re probably not going to see anything in stores until next summer at the earliest (Wii U) and the holiday season (PS4 and Xbox 720). Ho hum, I’ll guess we’ll have to pass the time with Playstation Plus and maybe dust of our Wiiahahahahah. Sorry, not that.

However, video game developers already have their access to the new hardware via developer kits. (The Xbox 720 kit, for instance, is pretty much confirmed to be in developer’s hands.) So how are developers liking the new consoles? If Remedy’s Head of Franchise Development, Oskari Hakkinen, is any indicator, they are liking them a lot. As he put it, the new consoles are a ‘quantum leap’ ahead of the old:

“We are working as usual, first with a relatively small team on a next-generation project. One wonders, yes always is: Can the new consoles really be that much better than the previous Rest assured: it’s you, it is a quantum leap.”

Good to know. Of course, this may all be moot if certain developers’ fondest wishes come true and the whol world abandons physical media, if not consoles outright. Stay tuned, I guess.

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7 Comments on Alan Wake Dev Says Next Gen Consoles Are Awesome


On August 23, 2012 at 9:01 pm

lol… next gen console… let me laugh, they are showing a pc, i guess they finnally understood the next gen is already here for the computers. for those consoles fans, well they can wait abit, when those “next-gen” consoles are gonna come out, pcs are already gonna be long gone, compare it to a tercel vs a mustang, the consoles lost a long time ago… then again all the video games are gonna be made to fit on those crapy consoles, and are going to slow the pc’s down.. what a shamefull bull world we live in.


On August 23, 2012 at 9:33 pm

You know, Max, not many people have a few thousand laying around to spend on a brand new hardcore rig that is generations ahead of the consoles, not many PC users seem to understand that if we had the money to do it, we would have awesome PCs as well. The world needs consoles, unless PCs drop in price by a hell of a lot.


On August 23, 2012 at 10:27 pm

This is the same they say every time a new console comes out. I have been hearing this since Nintendo came out in 1985.


On August 24, 2012 at 12:47 am

@ Robert. I feel you man, I really do. I used to think the same way. However over the past couple months Ive been paying more attention to PC hardware and the game specs. Let me tell you, PC gaming is not where it was 10 years ago where the dev team seemed to make it their personal mission to make your rig want to explode when running their game.

There has been an underground PC revolution, so quiet that most of us that have turned our back on PC gaming long ago didnt even know it happened. PC games are being designed with multiple computer specs in mind. If you havent upgraded your PC in 2 years, that no longer means you cant play any current titles. As a matter of fact you would still be able to run just about everything quite smoothly. Sure it might not run at the highest graphics setting and sure you’ll always have your Crysis’s and Far Cry’s but nearly everything else will run.

If you look at the secondhand PC market, I have no doubt you’ll find a used PC that will meet atleast the minimum requirements of most current PC games and you’ll most likely spend less than you would on a brand new PS3 or 360 (with HDD included).


On August 24, 2012 at 5:57 am

@Robert, come live in New Zealand where console video games are nearly TWICE the price of what they are in america. For example, the average xbox360 game costs around NZ$120, which (as of writing), is US$97.

This means that all things considered, a gaming PC is better value-for-money than a console. My gaming rig cost just over US$1000, and it runs things very well.

Ron Whitaker

On August 24, 2012 at 6:05 am

@Axetwin: That’s not an underground revolution, my friend. No, that’s the console effect you’re seeing. Developers have (in large part) been targeting games to consoles and then porting them over to PC. Since console hardware is ancient, especially in comparison to up-to-date PCs, it means that years-old rigs will still run new games.

Obviously, this isn’t true in every case. Battlefield 3 is a good example, and Crytek says they’ll melt your PC with Crysis 3, but for the most part you can play an awful lot of games with a GTX 460 in your Core 2 machine these days. Heck, if you don’t mind turning the detail down a bit, your GTX 260 will work just fine.


On August 7, 2013 at 12:56 am

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