Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Oil Rig

  1. Welcome to Night Springs. Follow the instructions on the screen to learn the basic controls, then approach the flashlight to pick it up. From where you started out, the path proceeds to the left. Your path will be blocked almost immediately and you will learn to wield light as a weapon. Score!
  2. As you proceed, a gun will be indicated. Pick it up and prepare to be attacked. Use the boosted flashlight beam (which runs out quickly) to drop the shadow around your opponent, and then drop him with some well-placed shots. Hit X to reload. Another bad guy will appear almost immediately, toast him, and then proceed down the path.
  3. Keep following the path to find the first manuscript page. These are the game‘s collectibles, there are 53 in all and they reveal more of the story, as well as unlocking Weapon Cases. Move on past the highway barrier to note the rest stop that is your goal. Follow the path to the left to move on.
  4. More enemies will appear and the game will advise you to run for it! Do so, heading for the safe light of the hotel. When you arrive, you will notice ahead of you a suitcase on the ground. It’s a weapon case that will unlock a submachine gun when you find 3 manuscript pages. Incentive!
  5. Look across the street where there is a pickup truck. Head over there to find a shotgun and ammo on the steps to the small building. Then be prepared to run back to the light. The game will tell you to investigate the garage, which is just past the weapon case and on the left. When you arrive, you’ll unlock a 10 point achievement and discover a person.
  6. Emma will give you another page and then you’ll have a conversation. After that, if you look to your right, you’ll have the option to switch your handgun for a nailgun!
  7. Now you’re going to track down the three items on your radar marked as stars. Hang a left out of the garage to find a cupboard to load up on ammo and batteries. Head straight ahead between two buildings to find flares and keep going for another manuscript page. Head over to the television for a disturbing bit of exposition.
  8. Head south for the first object. When you get near you’ll trigger an event and face down some bad guys. Remember, when the last guy dies, some slow-mo will start, letting you know you’re in the clear. Grab the first object, a valve. Watch for question marks on the minimap to indicate more pages.
  9. Head east toward the next two stars. In the tunnel is a weapon case for a magnum (10 pages) and out of the trench to your right is another page. Keep heading east to a building. On the far side is another page. A difficult opponent will exit the building. It splits in two when you shoot it. Switch to the shotgun, and get ready to fire fast!
  10. Now, of course, you can get the item inside. There’s a rifle if you want to drop your shotgun, and some 9mm ammo, as well. Head back toward the hotel, and you’ll see a yellow jeep which offers a flare gun and some ammo. Then head toward the big rig trucks for the final item. Three opponents will appear and then you can grab the final item, a battery. Now it needs charging.
  11. Head back to the garage and Emma. Might as well pick up the SMG on the way. Emma will charge the battery, then head to the oil field. If you want another page, there’s one behind the diner on the way.
  12. Three guys will attack you at the oil derrick. There is a pool of light for temporary shelter, and you’ll get another page for your trouble. Head up the slope toward the location on your radar, and be prepared for more attacks. As you move along the path, you’ll hit a point where you must clear the area. You will face two of the splitting enemies. Use flares to put them on the defensive, and a heavy gun to put them down.
  13. To complete the mission, you have to match the environment at the oil rig to the manuscript page. Click the L stick to get a reminder. Put the CD in the boombox in the hut to the left of the rig, and the battery at the platform to the right. The valve is dead center, place it, then turn it on.

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