Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Observatory

  1. Welcome to Mount Redtooth. Enter the gate and look on the far side of the firetruck for a page. Head up the hill to the right toward the main observatory. As you pass a building on the right, three Taken firemen will attack you. Then look for the manuscript page at the far end of the building. A weapon crate for a hunting rifle is in front of the building on the right side.
  2. Expect to get attacked as you continue. Explore behind the next building on your right, at the back corner near some dumpsters, for flares and flashbangs. When you reach the observatory dome, look for another page to the left, near a shipping container. Another page is around the left side of the observatory. All the way around the back is a weapon case for the combat shotgun. A carbine rifle and a flare are in the back of the van in front of the observatory.
  3. Head to the door and interact with it. Then you’ll get attacked. Remember to dodge! Then you can head into the observatory. Follow the stairs up to an elevator, where you can also reload. Then you can talk to Dr. Meadows. Rawr!
  4. Fetch quest? Fetch quest. Follow the star to the lower building and…hey, were those spiderwebs here before? Oh this is gonna suck. Fortunately, the spiders can be killed with just light, conserving your ammo. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of them and they’ll start to pop out of the ground on the way back to the Observatory.
  5. You’ll be directed onto a platform to install the widget you picked up. Hey, way to fix the telescope!
  6. You can talk to the doc some more, but you won’t learn anything that will actually help you accomplish your mission. Follow the stars. The first valve is just outside the door. The next is back where the spiders were, only it’s protected by some angry Taken. The third valve is on the other side of the observatory, just follow the star and expect attacks along the way. You’ll find a page when you get there, and have to avoid a big object attack when you do your job. Return to the observatory, watching for attacks.
  7. When you return to the observatory, the machinery works, but the Taken will break in and attack. Repel the wave. There’s plenty of ammo nearby, and I recommend the carbine and an elevated position. Expect to kill as many as ten attackers. Then head up and talk to the lovely doctor. She’ll direct you to pick up a printout, and it’s on to the next location!

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