Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Drive In

  1. Head through the entry, go into the building on your left. Enjoy meeting this kooky broad. Head past her into the office to find keys and the ammo box. Head around back for a page before you move on.
  2. As you head down the slope, expect to be startled, and then face down some Taken. Some ammo is on your right after the encounter as well as a weapon case. If you keep going to the right, you’ll see a souvenier stand in the distance. If you head toward it you’ll draw a lot of heat from Taken, but you’ll find the crossbow!
  3. As you continue on toward the drive in lot, expect some more heat from Taken, and then a bigger encounter. Stay and fight or run back to the pool of light to skip them. Look in the trunk of the car with the blinking lights to the left of the parking lot for another page.
  4. Head over to the cell tower looking thing and take the stairs down. When you see a rusted out old truck, expect an attack, and look for a weapons case. Keep heading toward the star and enter the gate.
  5. Head off to the right through the fences to reach a page. It’s guarded by Taken, and there’s a pool of light above it to provide defense. Head inside and follow the star to find the activation switches. I did right, center, left, center with the three switches, but just keep going until all three bulbs above the switches are green.
  6. Now, leave the way you came in, after killing some Taken and avoiding the electricity. Follow the star and exit the gate. When you do, you’ll come under attack, including from a new enemy, the Taken grenadier. He’s throwing flashbangs that will make you vulnerable to attack, but can also take out the other Taken. Be cautious. Once the way is clear, keep going to the star.
  7. You’re going all the way back to where you started with the crazy lady. Along the way, you’ll face more grenadiers at the parking lot level, and a posse of Taken as you head up the last hill. Enter the building and hit the light switch. The woman will give you the code to get into the projector building. Head there next.
  8. You’ll be told to destroy the “dark fountains” to proceed. The first shows up right before you. Taken will attack you as well. You need to shine your light on the three extensions of the fountain to destroy it, while under attack. Then head to the next one, etc. Flares and/or flashbangs are a great way to make fast headway here.
  9. Head back to the projection booth. Adjust the calendar and the clock to fit the manuscript.

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