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Surviving isn’t the only goal in Alien: Isolation, as this list of leaked achievements can attest. The sneaking survival horror game brings players back to the Alien universe as they attempt to escape killer xenomorphs, insane androids, and even a human or two. Speaking of humans — one of the achievements below challenges Ripley to complete the singleplayer campaign without killing her fellow man.

Shooting things is still an option. The achievements reveal revolvers, shotguns and flamethrowers. Sneaking though the vents, you’ll also be able to collect materials to craft into usable items. Like any good stealth-based horror game, those are tools of last resort — most of the unique achievements are all about escaping deadly situations without taking damage.

Check out the complete list of leaked achievements below, and check back before release when we update the hidden secret achievements. For some less-critically acclaimed action in the series, check out our hilarious Aliens: Colonial Marines video guide series with commentary. For more info on Sega’s latest stab at the beloved sci-fi fiction, browse GameFront’s Alien: Isolation E3 preview.

Achievements List

Awake (10 points)
Completed “Closing the Book”

Welcome to Sevastopol (10 points)
Completed “Welcome to Sevastopol”

A Hunt Begins (10 points)
Completed “Encounters”

You Shouldn’t Be There. (10 points)
Completed “Seegson Communications”

How Do You Feel? (10 points)
Completed “The Quarantine”

Caught in the Trap (10 points)
Completed “The Outbreak”

An Outpost of Progress (10 points)
Completed “Seegson Synthetics”

Shock to the System (10 points)
Used the stun baton

Bait (10 points)
Completed “The Trap”

Hazard Containment (10 points)
Completed “Hazard Containment”

A Synthetic Solution (10 points)
Completed “A Synthetic Solution”

Consultation (10 points)
Completed “Consultation”

Survivor (100 points)
Completed the game on the hardest difficulty setting

Ripley, Signing Off (50 points)
Completed the game on any difficulty setting

The Missing (10 points)
Collected an ID tag

The Taken (40 points)
Collected all ID tags

Archivist (40 points)
Collected all Nostromo logs

Light ‘em Up (10 points)
Used the flamethrower

Just out of Reach (40 points)
Contacted your team and escaped Comms without being attacked by an android

Use With Caution… (10 points)
Used the shotgun

Every Bullet Counts (10 points)
Used the revolver

Self Defense (10 points)
Killed 10 humans

Not a Scratch (20 points)
Escaped from android combat without taking damage

A Perfect Organism (10 points)
Encountered the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time

She’s in the Vents… (20 points)
Used the vent system 20 times

I Admire its Purity (20 points)
Detected 30 targets with the motion tracker

Build to Survive (5 points)
Constructed an item

Mercy or Prudence? (50 points)
Completed the game without killing any humans

Seegson Security Bypass (10 points)
Performed 10 successful hacks

Seegson Systems Expert (10 points)
Completed 10 minigames successfully

Power Games (10 points)
Accessed 10 different rewire points

A True Engineer (20 points)
Constructed one of each craftable item

A Record of Disaster (10 points)
Collected an archive log

Voices of Sevastopol (40 points)
Collected 100 archive logs

Fault Detected (20 points)
Killed an Android

Throwing the Switch (10 points)
Completed “The Descent”

The Message (10 points)
Completed “The Message”

Hide. Run. Survive. (40 points)
Completed “The Quarantine” without being killed by the Alien

Transmission (10 points)
Completed “Transmission”

One Shot (100 points)
Completed the game without dying

Free the Torrens (10 points)
Completed “Desolation”

End of the Hunt (10 points)
Completed “Tomorrow, Together”

This Should Work (10 points)
Used the bolt gun

My Turn Now (40 points)
Killed an android using only the maintenance jack

Secret Achievements

6 Secret Achievements — Currently Unknown

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