Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Distress
  • Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco
  • Mission 3: Sulaco Falls
  • Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley’s
  • Mission 5: The Raven
  • Mission 6: For Bella
  • Mission 7: One Bullet
  • Mission 8: Rampart
  • Mission 9: Hope in Hadley’s
  • Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed
  • Mission 11: Home
  • Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed

  • Look for an auto turret ahead and sneak up on it to disarm it without getting hurt. Look for armor just beyond it, then cut open the door.
  • If you like incinerators, grab one inside. However, there are xenos coming up soon, and it’s not good at range. I went with the assault rifle with an underslung flamethrower.
  • Move through the cocooned area. Xenos hide along the edges, just like in the movie, so be cautious. When you near the end of the low area with the fog, you’ll get a wave of drones coming down a path at you. A grenade or two will help.
  • Restore the power to the lift and take it up.
  • The path is pretty clear, you’ve been here before, after all, but the xenos seem sneakier and more aggressive in the enclosed space.
  • Through the next door, follow your radar to an RPG and use it to take out the AA gun. After that will come a wave of marines and xenos. After you clear the area, head up to the platform with the open door first for some loot before getting on the elevator.
  • Follow the path through more xenos and marines to find another AA gun. After clearing the area, the guys will open a door to an armory where there’s another RPG. Usually you get four rounds, and it only takes three direct hits to take out the AA gun, which leaves you one rocket for some Van Damage on some other poor bastard.
  • Next section is the same story, same dance. Look for barrels to disrupt the marines, then move to the RPG, take out the AA cannon.
  • Follow the marker to the downed dropship and look for tags by the two guys defending themselves. Then the big lady will show up. Avoid her, fire on her with fire and grenades, and then she’ll bugger off.
  • The next section is challenging, but straightforward. Look for ammo and armor, and keep on rolling to your target, the FTL ship.
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