Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Distress
  • Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco
  • Mission 3: Sulaco Falls
  • Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley’s
  • Mission 5: The Raven
  • Mission 6: For Bella
  • Mission 7: One Bullet
  • Mission 8: Rampart
  • Mission 9: Hope in Hadley’s
  • Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed
  • Mission 11: Home
  • Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco

  • Well isn’t this a fine kettle of fish? The enemy will attack you from behind, so get ready to turn and face them. There’s ammo around, but precious little armor at the moment.
  • Don’t forget your upgrades. This next section will be a lot easier if you cash them in. I found the x2 scope on the assault rifle very handy.
  • Look for armor from the bodies, and when you reach the far end of the room, hang a right and grab a helmet.
  • Through the next door, hang a left first for more armor.
  • Next you’ll reach a cargo bay, where you get to drive the Power Loader. Woot!
  • In the next room, look for an open casket on the floor with a body with a facehugger on it. On the corner will be some tags.
  • Follow the path into an alien room. There will be two eggs that have huggers in them. Shoot fast when you get close and they start to open. On the right, where one of them was, is a log.
  • The path for the next section is clear, and the tension is delicious. Keep an eye out for huggers. Your motion detector should ping you with a warning in time to spot them. Use a rifle if you’re good, a shotty if you’re not. Plenty of eggs, and then you’ll find Bella.
  • If you’ve got something sniper-ish as noted above, switch to it when you reach the long hallway. Proceed slowly, and you’ll be find, with plenty of armor and ammo to pick up from the fallen.
  • When you near the end of the long hall, head to the raised platform on the right for an elevated position to combat an armored combatant.
  • The next area is big, open, and filled with bad guys. There’s no best way to clear it, but they’ll be on either side, so choose one direction, clear it, and then use the space to flank the other guys. Keep an eye out for armor drops especially.
  • When you exit into a large area, look to your left for a full armor load. To the right you’ll go up over a catwalk and face a squad. Three come one at a time right at you, then try to flank you to your right. Another two guys will join them there, and expect one more guy to come up after you’ve encountered the rest. They’re heavily armed, but hang to cover and try to take them one at a time. It’s also a great time to start using grenades to get the “Five Gibs” goal for XP, especially as the guys tend to drop rifle grenades.
  • The next section is more of the same, so just keep moving and firing. Now’s the time to start looking for yellow barrels to shoot, especially in light of your “Gib” assignment.
  • Follow the marker to a maintenance computer, activate it, and then look for an armored soldier across the way.
  • Keep following your markers until you reach an elevator. There’ll be a couple of guys on the way, but nothing too tough by now. Keep an eye out for some armor.
  • NOTE: On this mission I was given an assignment to kill 20 guys with the pump shotgun. Sadly, that means NOT using Hicks’ gun.
  • After you get off the elevator, you’ll hear them say the enemy has auto turrets. Move to your right to take the long way around, and look for the guns to deactivate them.
  • After you deactivate the first gun, there will be a big room open to your right. That’s the Bridge. Stick to cover, reach the top platform, and then cross to your left to get around the gun.
  • Behind the gun, near the window, is the computer for the weapons control. Deactivate it.
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