Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Distress
  • Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco
  • Mission 3: Sulaco Falls
  • Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley’s
  • Mission 5: The Raven
  • Mission 6: For Bella
  • Mission 7: One Bullet
  • Mission 8: Rampart
  • Mission 9: Hope in Hadley’s
  • Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed
  • Mission 11: Home
  • Mission 5: The Raven

  • This is bad, right? This is bad.
  • It’s hard to come up with clever new alien designs. This guy is badass.
  • Look for a panel in the floor. Drop down, make your way through the tunnels. Watch out for the big guy along the way. When you come out, RUN and make for a crawlspace.
  • You’ll exit in a room with a marine hung on the wall. Exit the room, look for a switch on your right, and then there’s another switch a bit further along.
  • Holy crap, freaking frozen aliens. When you reach a big room, crouch and move slow. You’ll see one before he sees you.
  • There’s only one live one in here at the moment. Move around the circular area and the next passage is right ahead. Every time he hears you, freeze, and he’ll approach you, then walk away. If he starts to glow, it means he’s heard you, so be extra cautious.
  • After you reach a checkpoint, there’s a few more of them around, so be slow. Remember, you can look around with the right stick as much as you want without making noise, so take advantage of that to stay as aware as possible.
  • Right after the checkpoint, look for a catwalk that opens up on your right. Go up there to throw a switch and take some satisfaction in the end results.
  • Continue along the tunnel until you reach another elevated area, and look for another switch. Rinse, repeat.
  • The next spot is the same thing again, but this time you have to stand up and make noise to jump across the gap to throw the switch. Don’t waste time. Then, open the door that is beneath the catwalk you jumped to.
  • Through the tunnel, there are quite a few guys, and some ambient noise to make you uncomfortable. Just stick to the plan, walk into the room, look for the ramp on the right, get out of the water, and head up and over the catwalk. You’ll meet a stalking alien up top, wait for him to leave.
  • The door on the right leads back down the way you came. The passage straight ahead leads to a door you need to cut open and a checkpoint.
  • Then the chase begins. The monster will pursue you and you have to close and weld doors to keep it distant.
  • Once you reach the top of the elevator, O’Neal has your stuff for you. Deploy it and make sure you upgrade.
  • Once you break out onto the surface, there will be a wave of xenos. It’s easy not to take too much damage if you keep moving, or you can put your back to the wall again.
  • Head out the other side of the cargo container and grab Reid. The xenos will dash off, and then swarm in return. Back up, keep backing up, and keep firing. Keep an eye on your ammo, and be prepared to switch weapons if necessary.
  • The ladies will change positions, and it’s more of the same. The flamer is quite handy in close proximity on the bugs here. When the ladies are done, the bruiser alien shows up, and then you’re given a rendezvous point.
  • In the next open section, I opted for running more than fighting. There’s just a LOT of bugs.
  • Once at the rendezvous, you’ll have to fight off a couple of xenos. Look for a catwalk up above for a full set of armor.
  • You’ll head out into the open again. Drop off the ledge and hang to the right. You’ll need to drop low to get through the tunnel, then run into the next area and bear left for some loot you’ll probably need by now. BTW, if it doesn’t go without saying, if that big guy touches you, you’re toast. Period.
  • Once you’re loaded up again, drop through the hole and run for a low opening right across the way from you. Once there, you’re safe from the big monster, but there will be some smaller xenos to kill. Clear them up, head to your right for a container with a hole in the bottom. As soon as you hit the ground, the giant door to your left will open just a little. Run in and get in the powerloader you find there.
  • There’s no fast way to take this clown down, so just keep pounding away on him. You’ll see him take damage in shiny green when you’re doing your job. Keeping him cornered helps.
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