Posted on June 10, 2009,

All Aspect Warfare Playable Demo Live

All Aspect Warfare

*looks into a mirror* – “Derek Smart! Derek Smart! Derek Smart!”

The infamous head honcho over at indie developer 3000AD has updated his developer’s blog with news that an All Aspect Warfare PC demo has been released into the wild. The playable demo – which includes the full docs, tutorials, etc from the full game – denotes the following features:

* Single Player

  • No Story (a.k.a campaign) mode. No freeform sandbox mode.
  • x03 (of six) playable careers (Mobile Infantry Marine, Elite Force Marine, Elite Force Pilot)
  • x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
  • x02 aerial combat Instant Action scenario (Elite Force Pilot)
  • x02 first person combat Instant Action scenario (Mobile Infantry Marine, Elite Force Marine)

* Multiplayer

  • Includes the stand-alone dedicated console server
  • x06 playable careers (x3 Terran, x3 Gammulan)
  • x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
  • x02 (of five) gameplay modes (Deathmatch)
  • x02 Deathmatch scenarios (16 players)

The AAW demo weighs in at just under 300 MB. While the demo itself contains DRM [insert moan here], the devs are not hiding this fact. They assure us that the DRM is there to ‘protect the innocent’ come full retail launch day. Online activation, however, is ever present. A login and password are bundled with the demo, and gamers are encouraged to simply “follow the instructions in the GUI to get it running”. If you are not getting logged into the game then, according to the devs, you are doing it wrong.

Direct link to the demo after the jump (courtesy of our host).

All Aspect Warfare Playable Demo @ FileFront [291 MB]

The Smart blog also goes into a lengthy rant of sorts where a ‘kinder, more gentle’ Derek Smart trances into his comfortable rhetoric state thereby expressing his frustrations as an idie game developer in turning a profit this day and age. He confirms that his dev teams’ two upcoming games, All Aspect Warfare (PC) and Angle Of Attack (PC), will go gold soon, yet prospects of those two titles showing up on consoles (Xbox 360) are all but a pipe dream due to inherent financial restraints – “thus immediately losing millions in revenue”.

Derek admits that things are not so great on the PC front either, pretty much admitting digital distribution is the only way [3000AD] can have a chance at turning a profit. A pessimistic Derek concedes that being digital-distro-PC-only will undoubtedly leave his current crop “at worst” breaking even when it’s all said and done. He will continue to shop around for publishers and means of better media exposure, but we get the impression that Derek simply wants to get past the stress and financial pressures his team are under right now. If anything, moving on to the next project seems to be his silver lining.

In any event, reading his blog is an interesting find if you are the sympathetic type. Then again, perhaps you are a veteran of the historical Derek Smart debate wars? If so, here is your chance to point a finger and laugh.

Ahh, the golden age of internet flame wars… How I miss thee.

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