An MMO With a Judicial System; Want to Go to Virtual Jail?

Ever find yourself playing an MMO and wish there would be serious repercussions for griefing? Asian MMO ArcheAge may be for you, a game that includes a criminal system with trials, prison time, and pirate status for repeat offenders.

Griefers who steal from protected property or kill a fellow faction member leave behind clues in the form of blood or footprints. These clues can be turned in as evidence by vigilante players, at which point a griefer will be faced with a choice of either a trial or immediate jail time upon his next death or login.

Trials may increase or decrease your jail time — it all depends on the decision of the jurors, level 30 players who accept an invite. Players in jail can pass the time by killing rats, playing soccer, or trying to escape.

Check out this video for a glimpse of what it’s like:

via Massively

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2 Comments on An MMO With a Judicial System; Want to Go to Virtual Jail?


On November 26, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Every game should have this system, and I hope Star Citizen has something similar to Eve where you can put bounties out on players as well.


On November 26, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Some of the aspects should be negotiable, but a great kind of system.

Simply put, you can’t police griefing with mods and rules. Gamers will always find a way to violate the rules. There needs to be some limited mechanics for players to take action against the idiots.

I like the player bounty system more than anything. Trust me, when you start getting insanely rich in an MMO, and there is a player bounty system, that’s something to spend your money on. Back in SWG’s glory days I used to put revolving bounties on exploiters. Didn’t care if you were on my team, or even one time in my own guild.

Go through the customer service process and nothing happens, if they even give a damn. On the other hand, after one day of not being able to do anything without having 30 people all looking to shoot him and collect a revolving one million credit bounty….

The guy had to basically prostrate himself on our guild forums and game forums begging that the bounty be removed. After that, nobody in the guild dared exploit as long as I was in a position of leadership.

Since everything was player made, we could also do economic warfare against griefers and idiots. We would ban the griefers from our structures and the structures of any place we did business. If the store owner didn’t like it, we just packed up and left, and all our clients went with us since we made the best products.

Griefers could still play. It just became exceptionally annoying for them.