Anarchy Reigns: Easter Eggs & References

Anarchy Reigns is the next brawler out of Platinum Games, a studio fans once knew as Clover back when they released the classic Okami. Platinum might not own the rights to Okami or Godhand, but that won’t stop the Japanese devs from stuffing in as many references to their catalogue as possible.

Bayonetta, MadWorld, and more make a clear mark on Anarchy Reigns, but there are more subtle jokes sprinkled throughout. There’s no way we’ll be able to find every hidden nugget alone, so leave us a comment if you’ve discovered something new.

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Easter Eggs & References

Tiger Joe 2.0

  • Later in the campaign, you’ll face a difficult combat drone called Cybrid Joe. This “cyber-hybrid” fights just like an infamous enemy from Godhand — the difficult Tiger Joe.
  • Not only do they use identical moves, but Cybrid Joe can dodge while standing still by bobbing and weaving, an ability familiar to any Godhand player.

What does the Scouter say about his Power Level?

  • In one of the campaign missions Zero comments, “Eight… no, it’s over nine thousand!”
  • This references the infamous “It’s over nine thousand!” meme made famous by Dragonball Z, after a stunned villain expresses his surprise while reading the (apparently quite high) power level of his opponent.

MAX Anarchy

  • Once Maximilian is unlocked, check out his black color option — he’ll appear with orange spirals on his trench coat, similar to the flame effect on Gene’s coat, once again from Godhand.

Madworld Stuns

  • Any character can pick up a signpost and throw it at their enemies. If you throw it at the weak Killseekers, it’ll go right through their head.
  • In Madworld, a common way to stun enemies was by impaling them through the skull with a signpost to gain more points in the violent competition.
  • Throw tires at an enemy, and they’ll be trapped — another reference to Madworld.

Jack’s Back

  • Jack, and his signature chainsaw arm, was the primary protagonist of the Wii game Madworld. He returns, unchanged, as the hero of Anarchy Reigns.
  • Other returning characters include: The Baron, Mathilda, and Bayonetta (Pre-Order Bonus).

Wield the Godhand

  • Not so obvious to fan of Platinum Games, but many characters appears with new moves inspired by Gene (Who is himself inspired by Fist of the North Star) from the cult classic PS2 game. Entering the boosted rampage mode and punching an enemy allows you to throw a series of lightning fast punches.
  • For extra fun, attack another character while you’re both in rampage to relive Gene’s battle with Azel.

Mathilda – Even More Godhand & Madworld References

  • The character Mathilda is the personal assistant of the Baron — a returning reference to the final boss of MadWorld. Mathilda made an appearance, but wasn’t playable (or fight-able) until now.
  • Mathilda may be from MadWorld, but her fighting style is much closer to the character Gene from a previous game made by Platinum, back when they were still Clover under Capcom, called Godhand.
  • Mathilda uses a move very similar to one of Gene’s roulette abilities; Home Run God. She uses her club like a baseball bat and sends opponents flying with a very similar animation.
  • More references to Godhand & Gene; the running dash animation, the slap stun move, and the front/back grabs that are identical to the female enemies of Godhand.

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